The biggest party of the year is just around the corner. Yes, it’s the New Year’s Eve Party! This is the moment when you say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new one. It is the time when everyone hopes and wishes for the all those things they dreamt of to happen, when everyone is happy and joyful. And for such a moment you definitely need an appropriate outfit, because, lets be honest, if you will feel amazing in in the last day of the year and the first day of the new year, then you may say that the entire new year will be a fantastic one!

Now, depending on the type of the party you are going to go, you can chose one of the following outfits ideas.

1. The New Year’s Eve Cocktail Party

Most of the New Year’s Eve parties are the cocktail type and usually you need to dress accordingly: not too elegant, but not casual either. So, for this you should go for a short dress, preferably a sequined one, after all you want to shine as bright as you can when you will enter in the new year. Remember to style your hair accordingly and put it in a high pony tail and to wear either stiletto shoes or gold or silver high heeled sandals.

2. The New Year’s Eve Ballroom Party

If you decided to go to a really elegant and fancy party for the New Year’s Eve, like a ballroom party, then the dress code will certainly be black tie. This means that men should wear tuxedoes and women long gowns. So, why not go for a dark emerald dress with a side cut that you can accessorize with gold jewels. For this dress you can make some retro curls when it comes to your hair, add a black eyeliner for the eyes and, of course, a red lipstick. You will look just like an old Hollywood star!

3. The New Year’s Eve with friends

On the other hand if you decide to have a small casual party at your house or your friend’s home that doesn’t mean you should not dress up! Of course you will have to choose a special outfit for this as well! You can choose a sequin top or a fancy blouse made out of light chiffon and wear it with a pair of high waisted leather trousers or with black skinny jeans. Then add a pair of stiletto shoes, a pair of big statement earrings or, if you let your hair loose, a really nice hair accessory and your outfit will be complete for the passing of the years.

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