Winter holiday season is probably the most beautiful period of the year, while Christmas is by far the most loved day of the year. Most people reunite with their families or friends and have festive dinners, while others prefer to organize parties with different thematics.

For many women the question “What will I be wearing for Christmas” comes to mind and they are starting to think and search for the perfect outfit. Depending on the situation and how will you spend the Christmas day, you can easily go for one of the following and use as inspiration.

1. Outfit for the Christmas family dinner

If you plan on going to visit your family in the first or second Christmas day or if your parents, sisters or cousins come to your house for a festive dinner then you should go for a classy, yet comfortable look. For this you can chose to wear a dark green or a grey midi dress with a pair of medium heeled shoes, add a pearl necklace too do some light curls and you are ready for your festive dinner. Of course, you can also go for a comfy look and wear a pair of mom jeans, a beautiful white satin blouse with big sleeves with a pair of stiletto shoes and your hair into a pony tail. Either way, you will have a festive look that won’t be too much.

2. Outfit for the Christmas Party

Now, if you will go or host a fancy Christmas party, in this case you need a glam outfit. Go for a short cocktail dress, preferably something red to be in tone with the holiday spirit and colours. Wear a pair of high heeled sandals with it and do not forget about the makeup, it has to be wow and the lips red! Of course, you can also chose to wear a pair of lace trousers and a corset, both in black, add some gold stiletto shoes and you will look absolutely fabulous!

3. Outfit for the Christmas casual gathering with friends

If you only plan to meet your friends during the Christmas day and not do anything fancy, then you will definitely be in need of a casual outfit. You can chose to wear a big and fluffy white turtleneck oversized sweater with a pair of light blue skinny jeans, add some white boots as well, a light make up and let your hair lose. You will feel comfortable, yet feminine and your outfit will be perfect for a winter day when you meet your friends and want to spend a good time together.

Black Midi Dress With Loose Fitting Top
Sequin High-Neck Long-Sleeve T-Shirt Style Cocktail Dress

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