Emma Stone looks very festive at Louis Vuitton’s British Independent Film Awards

This is the season of the holiday party, Emma Stone and her stylist Petra Flannery were clearly related to the actress’s British Independent Film Awards Choir last night. Stone wore a festive sleeveless red Louis Vuitton dress on the carpet. It’s simple, but with gold-colored high heels worn with red lips and Stone – a very good party Christmas party… great for the December awards ceremony:

Stone is in the middle of her favorite news tour (and its awards ceremony), during which she wears elegant red carpet dresses and polished cocktail dresses. Stone’s last red carpet was on November 18th, when she wore a black Louis Vuitton evening gown to attend the Governor’s Award with a golden and silver scent:

During The Favorite, which was shown in Los Angeles, Stone also wore Celine Celine in Hedi Slimane mini dress two days before the award.

Brothers of the Brotherhood need to wear more hard

Can you imagine women wearing the same bad, non-original thin striped polo shirts and those half-fishing shorts for your existence? People must think that acceptable confidence is shocking. However, in the row of the Brotherhood, we wore a copy of the mayonnaise in every occasion. Jeff, you are no longer an equipment; you can wear what you want!

And, worst of all, this is considered “dressing up.” Who is going to be impressed? In the past half hour, you may be the tenth person wearing a costume combination that a woman has seen. She was not impressed. Just because the words “South”, “cotton” or “swamp” in the brand name don’t mean you need to buy it. In fact, stay away from it. You are Brad from the suburbs of Chicago. You are trying to adapt to the appearance of the “South”.

Dressing better is not just your appearance, but how you show yourself to others. If you don’t look at you very much, why would others try to understand you? If half of your brotherhood is exactly the same, how do you stand out? Guys, this is a game. Wearing the same tragic clothes means you have lost. Adam, John, Ken, Mike, and everyone else in your family have this suit, and they plan to wear it. Will you be lazy?

Listen to the guys, it’s time to stop expecting women to impress you. What they owe you. Show them that you care about yourself, how you see it and how to show yourself to others. The unwashed polo shirt you wore on the past match day is sitting on the ground and no longer cuts it. Frankly, this is very sad. You are used to thinking that women dress for you, make up for you, and should impress you so that you can fall into this disgusting uniformity. On the way out of the pit, grab some motivation, give up the idea that women should impress you, and then do some work on how you present yourself.

There are so many resources online to help you dress better. Many clothing websites have assembled clothing that you can use to get inspiration or purchase. If you just take the time to go to Google, there are countless men’s fashion blogs. There is Reddit, which has specific subreddits for male fashion (r / malefashionadvice is an example). Next time you go to a big city (I am looking at your Brad, from the Chicago area), just take a moment to see how other people dress. In areas with large populations, men are more likely to be fashionable.

All in all, it’s time for you, the brothers to stand up. Laziness is inconspicuous. Wearing the same clothes is boring. It is ancient to think that women must impress you. Your job is to do better, look better, and show yourself better.

Kylie Jenner’s metallic dress is priced at $14, perfect for holidays

Kylie Jenner’s metallic dress is priced at $14, perfect for holidays

Just like: wearing the youngest of the Kardashian family, it costs less than $20 today.

After posting a selection of photos from the 2019 calendar, we learned that Kylie Jenner’s golden gown for her King Kylie was super affordable. At first glance, the shiny close-fitting dress looks a luxurious look with thick gold jewelry and a crown. However, although it may be worthy of popular cultural royalties, this dress itself is not expensive.

Celebs appeared in ‘saying clothes’ is ‘

Everyone loves to buy wedding dresses – or help their BFF find them! In the past 16 seasons of Say Yes to the Dress, many celebrities have appeared on guest stars. Whether it’s finding your own dress there or helping another person on the perfect day, A-listers won’t be disappointing.

Secret celebrity wedding
Kristin Chenoweth starred in the premiere of Season 10, helping her assistant find her clothes – and finally tried some of her own, even though she was single. After visiting a huge fan of the hospital, he was a military medic who was injured in Afghanistan. Late night host Seth Meyers appeared during the 11th season premiere and surprised her when she tried on the dress. However, one of the most memorable moments was during the 9th season premiere when Joan Rivers came to her fashion police expertise to help her friend’s daughter find her clothes. She did not back down.

Mandy Moore just got married, her clothes are unusual (but surprising)

The lovely Mandy Moore married on weekends and married Dawes lead singer Taylor Goldsmit after three years of dating.


According to sources, the ceremony was “an intimate backyard wedding of the Mandy family, starting after sunset.”

How romantic?

The theme is a bohemian chic with carpets and feathery flower arrangements on the altar.

But the real reason we are here is to talk about this dress.

Mandy Moore walked up and down the aisle in a perfect pink ruffled dress.

To be honest, we are screaming.

Yesterday, Mandy went to Instagram with her wedding and shared a short film with her wedding.

Her smile shows everything, because she can see her and her new husband holding hands.


Now the picture is black and white, so you can’t fully figure out the details of the dress.

Fortunately, Mandy’s makeup artist released a picture of the right dress and then deleted it, but before a large number of people screened it, it didn’t…including us.

Taylor shared the same picture on his own social media with the title: “Well, this is fun.”

We have no doubts.

Congratulations to happy couples.

Molly Sims shines in the jungle Christmas tree lights in Los Angeles

Molly Sims shines in the jungle Christmas tree lights in Los Angeles

Thanksgiving may come on Thursday, but Southern California has a Christmas spirit.

When she participated in The Grove Christmas Tree Lighting, Molly Sims was a festival cheering on Sunday night.

The 45-year-old model wore a silver dress on the carpet of the event and even joined the St. Nicholas stage.

The gleaming dress fell under Molly’s knee and she added a few inches of black high heels.

Her fingers flashed a variety of rings, and her lips were painted pink pink.

The Las Vegas star separated her long blonde from the middle and let them fall freely on her chest.

Sara Foster also joined the celebration and showed her impressive characters in a black ensemble.

The 37-year-old actress wore skinny jeans and a dark cardigan, even on Santa Claus on her cheek.

Her lips were painted medium pink and she added a few inches of black boots.

Sarah’s father, David, also attended with his fiancé, Catherine McPhee.

The 69-year-old musician wore a burgundy jacket with dark pants and a white button-down shirt.

The 34-year-old American idol, Alum, wore a rusty coat and wore a beautiful white dress.

Carrie Underwood joked at the CMA awards ceremony that her autumn wore a bubble wrap

Almost a year ago, Carrie Underwood revealed to fans that she had fallen and injured her face. The accident occurred shortly after the star and Brad Paisley co-chaired the Country Music Association Awards. This year, at the CMA Awards Ceremony in 2018, the country singer proved that she could laugh at herself by wearing a bubble-wrapped dress, and Brad gave her a dress when she mentioned it.

At the beginning of the show, Brad explained how Carrie fell two days after the 2017 CMA. Since he did not want this to happen again, he proposed a preventive device to his co-host: a dress made of foam packaging.

The joke got a good laugh, but then Carrie, who is currently pregnant with her second child, her husband, Mike Fisher, took it to the next level when she came out wearing it.

Now, this is how you stand up and let yourself go away! Honestly, is it just that we or she looks great?

After the fall, the singer left the spotlight, recovered and focused on the family, but returned with the inspiration of the storyline “Pretty Pretty”. Shortly after her second child arrived, Carrie will tour her new album.

Berketex Bridal Crash: Women without dresses attend the wedding

Monica Lewinsky said she didn’t realize that when she was hooked up with the then president Bill Clinton, she had semen stains on her clothes, and she then wore it to eat.

“I went to dinner that night. None of these people said to me, ‘Hey, you have to go to the bathroom, your clothes are full of things,'” Lewinsky said in the new A&E series,” Clinton said. The event “, according to the New York Post.

In her 1998 testimony, Lewinsky said she thought the mark on her clothes “may be spinach dipping or something else.”

In this series, Lewinsky recorded the incident that caused her clothes to get dirty, and said that Clinton invited her to participate in the White House radio speech and said she had a gift for her.

After the famous photo operation, Lewinsky wore a notorious dark blue dress, Clinton told her that his private secretary Betty Currie offered her something.

“[Currie] took me into the oval office, and all three of us went into the back study, and she walked into the restaurant to hide there,” Lewinsky said. “Because the illusion of others is that I am not alone with him.”

Lewinsky remembers that now Clinton gave Lewinsky a copy of Walt Whitman’s “grass leaf” and a hat pin because he said she looks good with a hat.

Lewinsky said she and the then president moved to the bathroom. Since she moved to the Pentagon, they became intimate for the first time. She thought it was to keep her away from Clinton before the 1996 presidential election.

Lewinsky said: “I got some attention, and then I paid back, until then he stopped before finishing.” “I stood up and said that I want to go to that stage, so he finally said good. It is.”

Lewinsky said that this is the moment the dress is dyed without realizing it.

Kim Kardashian is wearing a pure nude dress that looks like a rotating optical illusion

Kim Kardashian West wore a retro Jean Paul Gaultier dress on the People’s Choice Awards on Sunday.
This spectacled dress has a rotating illusion.
The star used her speech to acknowledge the massive shooting in Thousand Oaks, Calif., and the wildfire that caused many people to lose their homes.
No celebrity likes to mix trends, and that’s what Kim Kardashian West did for the People’s Choice Awards on Sunday night.

The star wears the 1996 Jean Paul Gaultier dress, which combines optical illusion trends with classic nude color dress designs.

Kardashian West’s enamel dress features a transparent fabric in horizontal and vertical stripes with a rotating black pattern. Some gray socks and high ponytails complete the look.

Kardashian-Jenner’s family won the Best Reality Show Award, while Kardashian West used her speech to acknowledge the massive shootings in Thousand Oaks, California, and the wildfires that have recently caused many people to lose their homes.

In her speech, she said: “Our hearts have been broken by terrible shootings and those who have lost their lives and homes, as well as hundreds of thousands of people who have been evacuated from the devastating fires that are currently burning.”

Read more: The death toll has risen to 31, and thousands of homes destroyed in three dangerous wildfires are still burning in California

Kardashian West also urges viewers to help those affected in any way.

“When we came together, our country was stronger and we could not face disaster alone,” she said in her speech. “In these difficult times, we must continue to lend a helping hand.”

According to experts, the wedding dresses of Hailey Baldwin and Priyanka Chopra will look like

TLC fans “Say Yes to the Dress” know that the celebrity of the bride designer Pnina Tornai and the customers of Kleinfeld like her sexy wedding creation.

The Israeli-born designer, 55, comes from the “Italian Real Housewives” star Kim Zolciak-Biermann (she didn’t wear one piece on the wedding day, but three pieces of Pnina Tornai) and Nene Lekes to Danielle Jonas and even Kim Cattrall’s Samantha at “Sex and the City 2”

So Page Six Style asked Tornai to predict Hollywood’s most famous bride, the prospective bride – and almost the bride of Ariane Grande – may wear aisles.

First of all: Hailey Baldwin, who married Justin Bieber at a secret court ceremony in September. “Hailey’s style is so stylish, urban and sporty,” Tornai told us. “Based on her fashion choices for the event and her everyday styling, I would choose a matte crepe, an off-the-shoulder neckline and a high front placket.”

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have just obtained their marriage certificate and are rumored to be married before the end of the year. The 36-year-old Bollywood actress has worn a few white feathers before her wedding, and Tornai thinks she will choose the same sexy thing for her important day.

“For Priyanka Chopra, I would choose a fitted lace dress with transparent lace-embellished sleeves and a slit in front,” she said. “I have seen her a high thigh in the red carpet and it looks great.”

Although 25-year-old Ariane Grande will not walk through the aisle with Pete Davidson (it seems to be an anti-wedding), when she finally knots, Tornai suspects she won’t wear one, but two stand up.

“For Ariane, I imagine something interesting and feminine. Maybe a corset top with a sexy layered tulle skirt,” she explained. For the reception, Tornai will customize the appearance of Grande’s iconic shade: “I know she likes a sweatshirt dress, so for the back I will wear a sweatshirt dress in crystal!”

As for the celebrity Tornai hope she can adjust the celebrity bride? “I think Meghan Markle’s dress is very simple and really makes her veil stand out, I know it has special meaning for her,” she said.

“I really want the sleeves and the body to fit more, but I think it’s an elegant choice. As far as her second dress is concerned, I think she knocked it out of the park.”