Hello loves !!! All right? With autumn winter coming you can dare in the look productions, combining pieces of cold with pieces of heat.

A versatile piece for you to wear is the sweater, besides being warm and protecting you from the cold, it is a very stylish piece.

The styles of sweaters can vary from open with buttons, to closed and with different collars. The open sweater is ideal for not so cold days, and can be used with skirt and dress. A great tip is to use a belt on top to help define the silhouette. The closed models may vary according to the type of collar. The V-neck is the most classic, but there are also sweaters with bald collar and high collar, in the shape of a jacket and the famous pullovers.

If there is a classic and accurate combination for cold days, it is undoubtedly the double sweater and legging. In addition to being comfortable, the two pieces leave us warm and with the face of winter. Longer sweaters help to remove the focus that legging provides to the hip, disguising the fat and leaving the appropriate combination for the work environment.

You’ve seen several sweater looks with jeans or even sweatpants, but have you ever thought about daring and wearing the sweater with a long skirt, or a short jeans skirt.

Now imagine using a sweater with a short jeans for a more stripped look, you can use a sweater with a short jeans destroyer, that your look will be very bold.

Now for your look to be much more feminine and warm you up at the same time, imagine using the sweater over a printed dress.

Those who think they can only wear dresses in the summer are wrong. Currently there is a trend among fashionistas to create stylish looks for winter with long models. There are no rules as to color or pattern, and may even be smooth. The most charm is due to the coats and jackets you wear over the top.

With or without sleeves, the dresses can be with small prints, enhancing the silhouette. But the taller ones should be careful, since this print gives the feeling of increasing even more. To complete the look, choose a short smooth coat, if you are wearing a printed dress, and throw it over the top.

The printed dress is a must-have in the wardrobe, besides being versatile, it can be adapted to any body and style!

Once you understand that the printed dress is a good option for cold days, other doubts should arise. Especially in relation to the respective print. Are all patterns allowed or does winter ask for specific shapes?

Yes, anything goes, as long as the production prints your lifestyle, your individuality and your way of looking at life. The most important thing is that you feel confident with the look. So try wearing sweaters and printed dresses together !!! Use your creativity to walk beautiful in autumn / winter.

For a very comfortable look, wear a sweater dress and put on shoes, this look is great for everyday wear.

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