Creating a cozy environment can be easier than you think. And contrary to what many people imagine, you can transform your home into a haven of peace with simple changes, without having to spend a lot on it.

After all, coming home after a tiring day at work and having a space that makes you feel more comfortable is great not only for your physical health but also for maintaining a light and happy mind.

How do I create an environment that makes me feel like I’m at home?

A house is built from the junctions of well-defined technical parts. Now, it has become a home where you can print your personal style in each room. You can do this through decor, furniture, paint, and other items that might work best for you.

Therefore, start by defining which lighting can make your home more cozy. In more private environments, avoid very bright white lights, as they can be tiring for your vision. Invest in yellowish lights to bring softness to the environment. They can be part of your decor through table lamps, lampshades in the living room, or even scented candles. This last option can create a very relaxing atmosphere for you to enjoy a moment of rest. Furthermore, providing refreshment for the body and mind after a tiring day of work.

Furthermore, invest in the right colors, as they will have a great impact on your environment. You should include colors that you like and can make you relaxed or happy. Lighter tones can create a calmer mood. So, in intimate rooms, choose a color palette that mixes pastel tones, mint green, pink, or light blue and neutral tones in general.

Shareable environments can contain vibrant colors, but they must be used in moderation so as not to cause visual discomfort. The environment can reflect many mental aspects of the residents of the house. So, an organized, clean, and harmonious place symbolizes a calm and healthy mind.

Wall colors can be neutral tones. You can include color through paintings, curtains, or pillows. If you need to divide small environments, for example, your Home Office is next to the living room, you can separate them using colors. In the part where your work desk is located, paint a background in a different color or use a sticker with a subtle print that can symbolize that it is your work environment and not necessarily part of the room, this way you can have greater concentration to complete tasks and meet deadlines.

It’s also important to play with textures. So, you can add items with greater weight such as soft woolen fabrics, cotton, and plush rugs and cushions to keep the room warm in winter. In summer, try to breathe into the room through thinner blankets and curtains with light fabrics that allow natural lighting to expand the space as much as possible.  

What other elements can increase the comfort of my home?

Plants are interesting because, in addition to purifying the air, they provide a relaxing sensation through the presence of nature in the home. Choose easy-maintenance options.

Scents also influence our senses. So, choose cleaning products with pleasant smells. This can even encourage you to carry out the cleaning maintenance for the week, as your brain will understand that after the hard work, you will be rewarded by a clean and fragrant environment.

The soundtrack in your home can also influence your mood. So start the day with lively music. Finish with a relaxing atmosphere playlist to feel good and prepare for a great night’s sleep.

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