Invest in a wedding dress that follows your style and matches the main trends that dictate fashion this year 2024.

Some very popular trends are winning the hearts of future wives. The varieties are leaving women of all tastes and styles with exciting prospects.

I have a classic style, which wedding dress should I wear?

A dress that makes you comfortable, with simple elements, but that conveys a lot of elegance. You don’t need to wear countless adornments or shiny decorations on your dress to be the bride of the year.

Therefore, a minimalist dress could be a very interesting option for you. They are timeless, made with clean stitching, no markings or fancy ornamentation. Therefore, you get a clean silhouette, with simple lines and well-structured cuts that will give you everything you need for your big day.

I’m the type of bride who likes glamour. What should I choose?

You are the one who can use additional elements at will to complement your look. Invest in a dress with a maximalist trend. It can be represented by puffed sleeves that will make you very feminine with a romantic and representative air of a newly married couple, full of passion. This option is perfect for those who want to mix classic with modern.

In the same vein, focus on details like decorative bows. They may come with an application at the waist or perhaps with straps on the shoulders or back. You will look more feminine and delicate.

Therefore, glamor can also be represented by very shiny dresses. You can create a look worthy of a real woman with fabrics decorated with glitter, crystals, or sequins.

Bet on detachable items. This means you can wear a sheer or lace glove that reaches your elbows. Furthermore, veils once again create charm and delicacy. You can bet without fear. Pair it with a beautiful hairstyle and you will have the best bridal look ever.

What should a modern bride wear on her big day?

 Something totally unique and outside of traditionalism. If you want to show an eco-conscious attitude on your wedding day, you can invest in a dress made from sustainable fabrics like vegan silk, recycled lace, organic cotton, or linen.

Another option is to get away from traditional colors. Use shades like pastel pink, light blue, lavender, or peach. You can also bet on shiny fabrics with golden, champagne, or even silver tones. Some brides are investing in delicate dresses with romantic prints such as floral details, inspired by 50s fashion.

There are modern dress models that come with pants. Yes, you can be a practical and modern bride, however you want. It’s your wedding day, invest in what makes you happy.

Two-in-one dresses are still popular. So, you can start the ceremony with a long dress that can have a detachable skirt, transforming into a short version so you can make the most of the party with family and friends. Necklines can also communicate fashion. So, invest in asymmetrical cuts. One-shoulder, deep necklines in the back or even an off-the-shoulder design stand out and deliver personality.

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