When preparing for your wedding, besides your dress and entourage’s looks, you also have to consider the venue, music, food, invitation cards, car service, and souvenirs. However, many couples tend to take little notice of are the guests` dresses and outfits.

Finding the best wedding and guests` dresses isn’t easy. There are a lot of factors involved, such as:

• Budget – You have to check if you will require your entourage to buy their tux and dresses, or you’ll shoulder them. As for the guests, you can require them to wear a specific color to stick to the theme you have in mind so you won’t have to spend time with their looks.

• Theme – One of the major factors you have to consider is the theme. If you have a blue and gold motif, requiring the guests to wear something blue and gold would make sense. Requiring them to wear a color or two of the motif would make your dream wedding magical.

• Sizes – For the entourage, you have to consider your groomsmen and bridesmaids’ sizes before personalizing outfits for them. You may need to also have an allowance since sizing down a dress or tux is easier than sizing up.

• Season – Consider the season and weather when deciding what you’ll require for both your guests and entourage. If it’s summer, it will make sense to choose sleeveless or strapless dresses. However, if it’s your dream to have a winter wedding, you may need to provide a style of clothing that will keep them warm both inside and outside the venue.

• Guests Size – If you plan on having an intimate wedding, getting your guests to follow the required outfit for the celebration won’t be difficult. However, planning a grand wedding may be more difficult because of the guests’ size. As long as you ensure that you at least talk to the guests personally and kindly ask them to follow the dress code, you can achieve what you desire your guests to look like.

For your entourage, check out these dresses:


For under $100, you can convert this dress to different designs like strapless with its two long front streamers. In addition, it features an open-slit and ruffled design and a sweeping skirt.


Ensure that your bridesmaids look as gorgeous as you with the dripping ruffles design for its open-slit. The sweetheart neckline is flattering for most body types.


Let the memories of your wedding become timeless with a classic and soft bridesmaid dress with an English net for a luxurious and dreamy effect.


A-line dresses are most flattering whether you’re petite or plus-size. The spaghetti straps with sleeves add an exquisite balance to the whole look. It’s great for those who want to have smaller-looking arms.


Almost all weddings have lace because of their intricate and feminine design. Have an airy and ethereal wedding with bridesmaids walking with lace and flower detailing.


The most flattering type of dress for a plus-size woman can highlight their curves, and cinch the waist. Azazie Gracie is a beautiful V-Neck dress with an open-slit to define a woman’s curves and show off the legs to avoid looking too wrapped and frumpy.  


For outdoor weddings like a beach or garden wedding, below or above-the-knee dresses are ideal for preventing bridesmaids from tripping or damaging the seams of their dresses.

These dresses are all stunning on their own. As long as you and your partner are happy with the outcome of the wedding and you seal the deal with your ceremony, nothing else matters!

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