“Information is, yes, I am a woman, but I am your president,” Kemal Harris said. House fashion designers (and actress Robin Wright’s personal stylist) are explaining the information behind Claire Underwood’s wardrobe, as it will appear in the sixth and final season of the Netflix show. Since the third season, Harris has been committed to transforming the rapidly rising political status of the character from the First Lady to the Presidential Ambassador. Harris said: “We joked that Claire had loaded these clothes in her closet after graduating from college, hugging them every night or smelling them, and said, ‘One day I will wear you’.” ‘One day I will be the president.'”

But how did Harris transform this power, determination and attention into Underwood’s clothes, especially considering her new role as a leader in the free world? “During the Second World War, I took a lot of female photos and photos in the army,” Harris said, and she pulled out the tailored French cuffs. For those people, she added a custom-made iconic cufflink with a presidential seal on it, replacing the more anticipated American flag pin. “Most presidents have unique, individually designed cufflinks,” she said. “You can collect them for years. I found this very attractive.” So Harris used the White House gift shop to create a prototype for Underwood. “I designed all of her dresses and jackets so that there are some changes in the French cuffs, so we can have this cufflink on almost every item. This is a recognition of the past president, but it has changed. ”

This season, Underwood will be wearing black, olive green or presidential blue clothing, working with Brooklyn tailor LaVonne Richards. “Everything fits an inch of his life,” she said. “You can clearly see the image of women.” Harris and Richards together created a striped brief trousers for the cabinet meeting, midnight blue jacket and casual uniform. The latter is also based on the historical presidential dress: a crisp white button-down shirt, French cuffs, a pencil skirt or some ready-made discoveries. “Balenciaga pants, Céline’s black satin trench coat from Phoebe [Philo],” Harris said.

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