Only Dakota Johnson can make a brown dress that looks sexy

Forget her Gucci fascination, because Dakota Johnson and Jacquemus are the games we don’t know we need – until now.

After her repeated red carpet slamming, we have long been proficient in the actress’s fashion, and her latest appearance at the London School of Film Arts and Sciences is no exception – insisting on her brown fashion.

Johnson wears a casual, relaxed style, dress with a length and a length, and her outfit is still loyal to the event’s famous dress.

Johnson keeps her beauty looking small and lets the ensemble speak for herself – sports burgundy lips and natural makeup, as well as her signature black tassels.

Johnson attended the London event, bringing the actress a few months of whirlwinds. Fans and media speculated that she was pregnant and looked forward to her first child and boyfriend and cool play singer Chris Martin.

In addition to the consistent pregnancy negotiations – which was later rejected by the actress – Johnson did not let the guesswork hinder her undeniable tailoring skills, if her latest magical Gucci ensemble is what can pass.

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