Kate Middleton reclaimed another dress for friend Sophie Carter’s wedding

Dressing for someone else’s wedding can be incredibly daunting. Even if the bride and groom do not have strict dress code, there will always be self-evident rules of etiquette, such as not wearing white (or anything that might be mistaken for white), or any nightclub that looks good. Fortunately, a frequent wedding called Kate Middleton makes you happy. If you’re not sure what to wear at the upcoming wedding, just take a page from her book and try something real: On weekends, the Duchess of Cambridge reclaims a suit to join her family and friends. Sophie Carter’s wedding.
According to People, in July last year, when Middleton, Prince William, Prince George and Princess Charlotte visited Berlin, her blue Catherine Walker & Co coat was released. Of course, she added some accessories to make it more suitable for the wedding: for her friend’s important day, she put on a large corolla made of blue roses, which is a clever nod to her daughter’s bridesmaid corolla. She also wore a satin-blue clutch and offset all blue with silver necklaces and earrings.
As people have pointed out, this is almost Kate Middleton’s wedding technique to ensure that news reports about her wardrobe have never obscured the bride. In May, for the wedding of Megan Marker and Prince Harry, Sarah Burton wore a light yellow (not white!) coat dress for Alexander McQueen, who had previously passed twice: the baptism of Princess Charlotte. Queen’s birthday. Although this may sound a lot, according to Harper’s Bazaar Australia, Day Birger et Mikkelsen has another dress – a cream coat – she has participated in three weddings before becoming a member of the royal family.

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