One of the best ways for you to get through the busiest time of your week,  a good list of wardrobe can help. Behind those great outfits of the week, it requires combinations of other clothes. Having your outfit ready can make you feel less stressed, and dressing pretty can also make you feel like yourself. Weekdays for some women feel like hell; however, here are some motivations for you to dress like it is a stress-free life.

Here are some lists I have gathered for you to try from Monday to Friday, and these are the outfit transitions you may try.

Monday Inspiration

Monday feels like you are going to an all-day battle where you think that some things are starting that you don’t want to happen. However, planning your outfits can somehow make you feel more ready to kick the busier Monday of your day with these outfits, and when you are planning what to wear during this day, make sure to choose lighter clothes and more comfortable outfits. To start up your laziest weekdays, try to put on some comfy jeans, trousers, or leggings; also, wear some basic sleeveless you have and a formal blazer or blazer suit with a small handbag.  For your footwear, wear some sneakers.  

Romantic Tuesday

Start of another day seeing the sunlight early in the morning, but it feels somehow kind of romantic since this is some of the days where you plan to go on dates and evening dinners with your friends. Try some skirt or dress on your heels and shoulder bags for an extra look; wear some earrings or necklace.

Lucky Wednesday

Wednesday will be extra busier because of an extra pile of works, but you will be lucky this day, so you should not be all stressed about anything and make sure to dress more comfortably. For example, wear some ruffled tops to make you look extra that will make your worn look not visible; also, some pencil skirts may create the look you want together with your flat sandals and some hairpins for keeping your hair mess with your hair workloads.

Throwback Thursday

Maybe wearing some classic style may not be over too old for your Thursday outfit. But, you can wear some fun clothes since you need to have fun cause weekends are near and much closer to your precious rest. So, wear some denim cause denim are classic; try some skirt or pants denim together with your square bag boot heels on some belts and other accessories.

Go Friday!

Friday is the end of the weekdays, and the start of your weekends and weekends means rest; however, before that, overtime is often happening during the day; that is why lonely and cold nights are what we have been experiencing.  That is why turtle necks and classic cardigans are a must, and socks on our footwear are what we love to do. This time is also when you will party overnight to end your long busy weekends, which is why you need some jeans on.

Don’t feel so stress and depress about your weekdays; hence you must start it with a good sense of fashion since it will lead you to more fun and happier weekdays ahead. You must dress comfortably and sound since it will help you feel better, and somehow, they will be your power to face those most hated days of the week.

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