Hello loves !!! Today I bring you tips on how to use leopard print animal print.

I am in love with leopard animal print, because it is very stylish and elegant, this print is a fashion classic.

 Animal print is by far the most glamorous print in your closet. One of the favorite patterns of the non-basic it-girls, the leopard gains more and more strength in street style to prove that, in addition to being powerful, it can also be very cool if combined with the right pieces.

Multicolorido Plissado Leopardo Elegante Blusas
Multicolored Pleated Leopard Elegant BlousesMulticolored Pleated Leopard Elegant Blouses

 Unlike what many think, it has the power, yes, to adapt to different styles. Want an example? The result is super cool with mom jeans composing the cool mood, as well as rocker with boots and leather jacket.

Multicolored Pleated Leopard Elegant Blouse
Multicolored Pleated Leopard Elegant Blouse

A perfect combination for a leopard print blouse is certainly a black piece at the bottom.

If you like to wear a skirt, you can bet on a leopard print blouse and a beautiful black skirt. Your look will look wonderful.

If you want a more classic look try to wear a flowing social blouse plus a black lace skirt that your look will be perfect for going to a party at night, use a thin heel sandal to make the look more powerful.

Multicolored Leopard Casual Shirt
Multicolored Leopard Casual Shirt

Now if you want a more modern look, try to wear a basic long sleeve blouse with leopard print and a black leather skirt, put on a high heel sandal or a sneaker that your look will be very comfortable.

Elegant Leopard Button Blouse
Elegant Leopard Button Blouse

And if you like a more relaxed and stripped look wear a leopard print linen blouse with a black denim skirt that your look will be very fashionable and use it with a Tractor boot.

Non Leopard Casual Sweater
Non Leopard Casual Sweater

This stamping is the most popular among animal prints. Its neutral colors, black, white and beige, are easy to combine and look good with almost any color. Rather high, the leopard print is great for use on both clothing and accessories.

So, if you want to rock with these prints that have become more classics and are in the wardrobe of the greatest fashionistas in the world, go without fear of making mistakes in the accessories. Focus on details and bet on pieces or minimalist items

Monochromatic: be it gray, black, off white or blue. The cool thing is to know that you can combine animal print accessories in monochromatic tones without fear of becoming “tacky”. The trend goes very well with looks like that.

Smooth pieces: all black, all white or all colored (as long as it is one color). You can bet on animal print without error. It is super stylish to combine a bracelet with an all black look, or a bag with an all white look, and even scarves in an all pink look, for example.

Woolen coats: combining a trend with a classic: who never? The wool coat is the darling of any woman and fits very well with the animal print, regardless of the color it carries with it. Bags, scarves, belts, bracelets, shoes

I hope you liked the tips, get inspired by the look and shine, because leopard print is a trend for you who love being fashionable.

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