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Search engine optimization services are critical to any online business that seeks to sell its services and products. As the demand for SEO increases, there are many providers that offer a wide range of services to their customers. However, if you plan to hire an SEO service, be cautious and provide information about choosing the ideal service for your purposes.

Choosing a good provider is essential, and equally important is to stay away from fraudulent SEO service providers who may convinced you to plunder your money by showing some quick results. They may use some black hat SEO techniques to showcase the initial hype, but these unsustainable strategies can not only maintain overtime, but may eventually be banned by search engines on your site.


In terms of page rankings, Google will change its algorithms from time to time to provide users with the best results. Similarly, other search engines will immediately upgrade their algorithms to make rankings more streamlined and accurate. Many online marketing consultants use SEO technology to ensure better rankings on search engine page results. However, this needs to be done correctly and legally to enjoy the long-term benefits of SEO.

According to Columbus SEO experts, it is important to stay away from unethical and illegal ‘black hat’ search engine optimization methods and use only ‘white hat’ technology for search engine optimization.”

Black hat SEO

Everyone is using the most basic optimization strategy while building their website:

Title and alternate text for non-text content
H1, H2, H3 tags
Meta tags and descriptions,
XML Sitemap can help Google crawler
Title tags for web pages, etc.
However, while advancing a more advanced SEO strategy, there are ways to influence your website traffic and may damage your ranking on Google SERP. These types of search engine optimization techniques, known as Black Hat technology, are now easily discovered by Google’s Panda and Penguin updates and may end up being punished.

Black hat SEO technology should be far away

1. Hide real content – Mislead search engine crawlers by showing different content to search engine crawlers and taking users to completely different pages.

2. Link Exchange – This is the previous standard practice, but now link exchange will eventually lower your site ranking. Instead, you should focus on building natural links with low quality or unrelated sites to exchange links.

3. Plagiarism – otherwise known as copying content, copying content from other sites is a worse black hat SEO technique that may end up being punished. Always try to develop unique, informative and original content for your web pages.

4. Buy Links – Links are an important SEO factor and you may find plenty of offers to buy thousands of links for just a few dollars. However, Google’s Penguin update makes it easy to find such links to buy and may punish this practice.

5. Keyword Filling – This is also an old practice, but no longer. If your site has permissions to a topic, you can naturally include as much relevant information as possible. However, relevant and irrelevantly included keywords anywhere on your page may be immediately identified as spam. Understand the ideal keyword density for your content and stick to it.

Other black hat technologies that need to be avoided are hidden text, linked farms, low quality content, fake content for search engines, over-optimization, and more. Keep it clean and act legally in SEO work, and you will definitely begin to see the sustainable results of these efforts over time.

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