The website is a major means to promote the initial coin offering by implementing SEO strategies on the website from the day 1 itself.

The need to achieve search engine optimization in marketing.

The initial coin issue or ICO can be considered a blockchain version of the initial public offering, which is completely online and global. The initial coin issuance has been opened, providing entrepreneurs around the world with many opportunities to raise funds to easily develop their projects or initiatives. Through the initial coin issuance, entrepreneurs have gained the opportunity of many investors and venture capitalists. In this Internet world, it is difficult to connect with people because of the current level of competition. Therefore, marketing initial coin products to attract people has become mandatory. Search Engine Optimization Search engine optimization is one of the technologies used by the marketing industry to keep its content ahead of others on the Internet in similar areas.


SEO promotes ICO
With more than 400 original coin products in 2018, how can people stand out from the crowd, most of which rely on marketing? Search engine optimization can be effectively applied to achieve this goal. By implementing a search engine optimization strategy on the site from day 1, the site should be used as the primary means of promoting the initial coin product.


Small video tutorials are commendable, but a sound white paper containing all technical specifications and roadmaps must be available to everyone on the website. Website layout and specifications must be highly optimized for search engine optimization and must not be rushed to make any hasty decisions. The content on the website must explain the most cutting-edge features of the project. A countdown type timer can be placed on the web page to depict the ICO’s key date. Here are some key points to think about the success of ICO marketing.


1. Implementing an SEO strategy on a website every day is an indirect indication to the investor that the team members are serious about the initial coin issue. A short-term implementation of a search engine optimization strategy will automatically convince investors that the company is not focused enough.

2. This strategy must be adopted to maintain future consequences, which will help create and maintain project loyal community members. A website without it is a search engine optimized website.

3. It is necessary to consistently apply the switch page link construction mechanism to the website by promoting ICO. A compelling attribute must be provided on the website and all commitments made prior to fulfillment must be ensured.

4. At any time, false promises on the website will allow investors to enter the speculative zone. After the product is offered, the page and off-page search engine optimization will experience the maintenance of the original coin product in the way people think.

5. Search engine optimization is a complex process that requires external experts in the field, and the overall cost of the SEO development process for at least 3 months is about $5,000.

6. The time range can also be extended to more than 3 months, but this is the minimum threshold. Hiring outsourced external agencies is preferred, but traditional DIY technology can also be applied by the company itself through the use of other marketing channels.

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The original coin offering was a revolution for entrepreneurs. Because, earlier, they were unable to raise enough investment for their projects, only a few venture capitalists existed, and they only invested in well-known projects, even if they did not need too many use cases. With the launch of the initial coin product, projects with real potential are offered with Limelight and an unbiased investment. In addition to search engine optimization, email marketing, the use of bounty programs, ICO advertising through PCC models, and the use of various social media platforms to promote ICO.

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