Seenlyst, a digital marketing and search engine optimization company based in Shah Alam, Malaysia, recently relaunched its brand from the previous name Ecomdesign to the current Teenlyst. Their services are more focused on improving website performance, increasing international business and traffic to local Malaysian businesses.

CEO and founder Joseph Yap hired experienced web developers who are committed to providing the best possible service. The goal is to create a visually appealing website that is both functional and easy to use.

Seenlyst understands the local market and its consumers very well, and with the international customers of the past and the extensive knowledge that comes with them, they can use this skill to bring global appeal to your website.

In addition, Seenlyst offers a comprehensive web design service that takes into account your preferences while using technologies that have proven effective in attracting visitors and reducing bounce rates, or the percentage of people who visit your site and leave immediately.

Seenlyst’s SEO experts are tirelessly searching for words and phrases that best describe your business or product, and it’s important to ensure that these words and phrases are searched frequently. Search engine optimization is the practice of increasing website traffic by incorporating certain words or phrases into the content of your website.

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