Top search engines vary from place to place in the world, each with its own ranking factors and best practices. For example, Google has a number of country code top-level domains (ccTLDs), each providing country-specific search results, and Bing uses to set location and language cookies.
Without a reliable global and regional SEO strategy, it’s easy to make mistakes, which can cause search engines to significantly reduce site rankings and even delist the site(s). Here are some factors that can have a significant impact on them.

Should you target your language and target each country?
Is it better to use ccTLDs, subfolders or subdomain structures?
Language is crucial, from native keywords to wording and grammar. Don’t simply translate from one language to another.
Customize content as much as possible for each country or market, adding conversions and reducing duplicate content.

Why Choose Blast for International SEO?

Following our proven process below of strategy, implementation, optimization, and training services we have helped many companies research, plan, and execute effective international SEO strategies.

Conduct audits and in-depth research to take advantage of opportunities and minimize threats.
Work with your team to ensure that your goals are achieved through a search strategy and ongoing plans that are focused on the customer journey.

Link your strategy to tactics and help you accomplish your tasks with industry-leading methods.
Guide the content roadmap and provide content recommendations.
Manage search marketing analytics and tracking tools.

Digital/search marketing and analytics training options let your team understand best practices and tools.
Provide digital/search/analytic governance to ensure standards, centralized resources, effective workflow, and evolving organizational maturity.

Link your strategy to tactics and help you accomplish your tasks with industry-leading methods.
Guide the content roadmap and provide content suggestions.
Manage search marketing analytics and tracking tools.

International search engine optimization
Choosing “Explosion” as your international search engine optimization team means:
Support and experience
International/local keyword research methodology to determine the best keywords for each country
Deep international localization and technical knowledge within the organization
International Contractor Network for Translation and Copywriting Services
Local Portuguese translation (PT, BR) and Spanish translation (MX, ES, CR), local Queen English (UK, AU, CA) and Japanese (JP) experience.

We help you build a center of excellence to manage governance, pool resources, create standards, ensure that SEO is part of the editing process, disseminate global and regional market strategies and strategies, and train content creators to better understand how to implement SEO recommendations.

Global strategy and tactics
A global strategy is necessary because it is directly related to your regional strategy. If implemented incorrectly, this will lead to conflicts of international content, reducing the efficiency and performance potential of individual regions, as well as the entire company. The services provided include:
IA / Rating / Classification Strategy & Management
Global Keyword Research and Content Themed Strategies
Progress review, ongoing opportunity identification and prioritization
Technical management (eg implementation of sitemaps using h reflection markers)
International goal

Analytical implementation and measurement strategy

Regional strategy and tactics
In order to develop effective regional strategies and strategies, it can be promoted to global SEO strategies, requiring transparency between regions. We help:

Conduct regional keyword research and develop your content theme strategy (by region/language)
Analyze user scenarios and provide policies to determine the use of automatic redirects (based on location, browser settings, etc.), automatic location/language notifications, and manual user location/language settings.
In each region, duplicate content and specifications are invalidated between similar language regions and globally
Content review and optimization
Content strategy
Content marketing
Technology Mobile SEO Management

After developing your international search engine optimization strategy and working with your global team, we also provide you with the data you need to track your progress.
Using our measurement of the success framework, we will link the results to your initial goals, as well as provide global SEO and regional in-depth analysis reports, SEO performance reports and SEO problem reports to identify further optimization opportunities.

We are also a data visualization expert who can provide you with a detailed dashboard visualization report so you can quickly see your position:
Search engine location
Comparison of competitors’ visibility
Area of organic visibility
Organic visibility country
Ranking distribution

International SEO Experience

We have a wealth of experience working with global organizations in multiple time zones and, more importantly, with different languages and cultures.
Here are some examples of our international experience:

Retalix: Develop a website with an Israeli team to create/optimize Japanese, Hebrew, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, and other language content. HP: Large projects work with business units in Germany, the Netherlands, Peru, the UK, France and the US. Leapfrog: Provides global search engine optimization advice and direction through US headquarters. Lazada: Working closely with an online shopping site in Asia in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Netflix: Search-optimized content strategy consulting, global SEO modeling scenarios, website migration strategies, SEO/visualization/visualization, and consulting services related to South America/Mexico, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Canada, and Australia. Introduction: Analyze, strategy, and develop multilingual and multi-regional capabilities. Continuous optimization/conversion with executives in the UK and the US, including Dutch, German, French, French, Canadian, Portuguese (Portuguese and Brazilian), Spanish (Spanish and Mexican), Italian and Queen of England English. Huang New Zealand: Partnership with their team in New Zealand: teamwork with North America, Latin America, Europe and Africa. English Priority: Working with teams based in London and Hong Kong.


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