We are all told that ‘sharing is caring’, especially in imparting knowledge – an SEO event in Brighton is all heart

If you want to stay relevant at work, attending events and courses is absolutely essential, and every year, as more professional meetings appear in every corner, the opportunities for UK marketers will increase.

However, for those who process data often, it must be BrightonSEO – and the second run in 2018 seems to be no exception.

What is BrightonSEO?

BrightonSEO is a two-day search marketing campaign, not surprisingly, it took place in a seaside resort in South London. It happens twice a year and attracts thousands of marketing experts from around the world. On the first day, BrightonSEO combines hands-on training seminars with some of the best combinations in the search marketing business to provide a more traditional meeting experience and a great presentation timeline the next day, making it the most comprehensive event of its kind in the UK. one.

The conference theme is diverse and offers something for everyone. This Friday’s telegraph selection includes marketing in the era of artificial intelligence search, using Google Data Studio to automate search engine optimization reports, and staying smart in digital marketing efforts (no doubt Many people are keen to learn).

Before the September show, we interviewed Kelvin Newman, founder of BrightonSEO, for a preview.

As early as April, you put most of the meetings in the auditorium of science fiction bicycles. What budget do you have this time?

We tried to give each event a slogan, so in April’s BrightonSEO, it was “SEO will never die.” This time we chose: “Understanding algorithms, understanding the future”, so we certainly hired a DeLorean Time machine that went back to the future style. This will be the pride next to the main stage.

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