Choosing a piece of clothing to wear at the wedding is its own modern obstacle course, full of fantasy, blonde girl level restrictions: the neckline and hem are not too high or too low, the color is not too big or too close to white, and seasonal Appropriate people’s favorite but not exaggerated silhouettes.

The most important thing is the unfortunate fact that you may only wear this remake dress once or twice. You should either spend less on clothes you don’t like or spend too much on your favorite clothes. For those who have multiple weddings, the problem is complicated.

But fortunately, there is a solution: rent a runway.

Rent the Runway has recently been named one of the most devastating companies in the world, alongside epoch-making companies such as Uber, Airbnb and SpaceX. If you want to know how a clothing startup breaks the top 10, it’s because its highly successful designer clothing rental platform actually has the opportunity to change the way women shop.

The company is not a new invention; I have been using the site for eight years, from the ball to the wedding of my own friends, wearing designer dresses. If you haven’t heard of it, Rent the Runway rental designer’s clothing and accessories are sold by more than 550 designers at a fraction of the retail price.

Options include work, weekends and special occasions. It can help women reduce shopping, wardrobe space and textile waste – and also get expensive designer choices, eliminating the risk of wearing stylish but not timeless parts, and covering dry cleaning and timely customer service. Especially for wedding guests, this is a very useful service: a lot of choices, beautiful designer clothes you might look great, you need to consider a lot of customer feedback, and you don’t need to wear it once but forever The dresses are cheap. Fortunately, most models have a backup size option, an additional $32.50, and you can add a second style of one size as a backup.

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