Kate Middleton’s off-the-shoulder dress snatched the spotlight during the latest Solo Royal Outing

Now that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is over, she has returned to the spotlight and made a royal engagement. Unsurprisingly, since returning to the royal family, her fashion games have been as fashionable as ever. For example, this week, Kate Middleton visited a royal exhibition in an off-the-shoulder dress – not offending the museum, but her appearance was so fierce that it might have surpassed art.


According to reports, on Wednesday night, the Duchess visited the Victoria and Albert Museum to see its new photography center. For the outing, Kate chose a purple tweed dress with a length of 。. The dress features clever unfinished edges, a shiny button from top to bottom, a deep purple belt at the waist, and an asymmetrical off-the-shoulder neckline. According to the Sun, the dress was made by British designer Erdem and retailed for £1,295 ($1,708). According to reports, she wore a dress with gorgeous earrings, also produced by Erdem, with a retail price of $440.

Footwear added that Kate has paired her purple belt with a pair of plum velvet heels made by Jimmy Choo. In the classic Kate fashion, she combines the entire look with a clutch and chooses a small black box with a gold trim.

According to a post on Kensington Palace’s official Instagram account, Kate’s visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum is more than just a visit. The Duchess actually opened a new photography center for the museum and now has a collection of national photography art collections.

The exhibition is called “Collecting Photography: Taking Pictures from Silver: Digitization”, which shows the photos of the media when it was invented (according to Napoleon.org, which was in 1839) until modern, “USA Today” reported.

According to observers, Kate is the perfect choice to help open museums because she is actually the museum’s first royal patron. What’s more, Kate himself is a photographer. Since becoming a mother in 2013, the Duchess has been responsible for many of her children’s official royal portraits.

Having said that, Kate’s experience in photography is farther than the portrait of her child. According to Biography.com, Kate graduated from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland with an honours degree in art history. According to the “Daily Telegraph” report, she also photographed her parents’ party planning business. In fact, Kate’s passion for art dates back to her college days, which explains why she has such a focus on fashion.

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