Almost a year ago, Carrie Underwood revealed to fans that she had fallen and injured her face. The accident occurred shortly after the star and Brad Paisley co-chaired the Country Music Association Awards. This year, at the CMA Awards Ceremony in 2018, the country singer proved that she could laugh at herself by wearing a bubble-wrapped dress, and Brad gave her a dress when she mentioned it.

At the beginning of the show, Brad explained how Carrie fell two days after the 2017 CMA. Since he did not want this to happen again, he proposed a preventive device to his co-host: a dress made of foam packaging.

The joke got a good laugh, but then Carrie, who is currently pregnant with her second child, her husband, Mike Fisher, took it to the next level when she came out wearing it.

Now, this is how you stand up and let yourself go away! Honestly, is it just that we or she looks great?

After the fall, the singer left the spotlight, recovered and focused on the family, but returned with the inspiration of the storyline “Pretty Pretty”. Shortly after her second child arrived, Carrie will tour her new album.

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