Halsey puts her pink hair on her dress at the 2018 American Music Awards

Halsey may be “the bad guy in love,” but she is really good at the season of awards – and she sees “pink” from the 2018 American Music Awards ceremony.
The singer arrived at the awards show on Tuesday night to show the same pink dye work as her outfit. She matched her black and pink tie-dyed dress with a rose-colored bun, with short hair on both sides and a long overhead. She complements the look with shiny pink and purple eyeshadows, as well as creamy pink blush and lipstick that perfectly match her hair. She went to the red carpet especially with her boyfriend G-Eazy, who still wore the platinum nails he made his debut in the summer.
Considering that Halsey constantly changes her hair, it is no surprise that she will have a red carpet-like appearance, swaying bold and different things. Only this year, she wore her hairpins, from long blue dyes to full boos. Recently, she has been shaking her natural brown shortcuts.

Halsey wore a wig most of the time last year to make her shaved hair grow up, and posted a photo on Instagram in August showing the head full of curly hair. “New growth, new growth; all of this is getting out of the way,” she headed the shot. When some fans questioned whether she was really another wig instead of her real hair, she uttered on Twitter. “I can’t believe I spent a whole year growing up under my curly hair because you all said that my natural hair looks like a wig,” she wrote, adding, “Some people say Very good.” ”

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