The 26-year-old blonde took part in the 22nd quarter, and 37-year-old Arie Luyendyk Jr. participated in the 2019 Summer JLM Couture wedding show by New York City designer Hayley Paige on Friday and chats with ET on all matters of the wedding. .

Burnham revealed that Paige will create a custom number for the January 12th wedding, which will be held at the fascinating Haiku Mill in Maui, Hawaii, with 120 guests – a historic sugar cane factory in a private estate surrounded by The lush greenery of the island.

“Girls dream of getting married in Hawaii,” Burnham said. “This is a beautiful destination wedding scene, I am very lucky.”

Social media stars and designers meet through Instagram. Burnham talks endlessly about Paige and their collaboration on dresses.

“I like her very much. We have very similar interests and styles. I am very young. She is very young. She likes to shine. I like to shine, so it works. She understands what I am looking for.”

This dress will exude the fairy tale theme of the wedding, and it has been a few months now. After two meetings, Burnham received a sketch of Paige, and her first renovation will be in early November.

“Oh, my goodness, this is great,” Burnham said. “She is amazing. I am really excited because she is great.”

Paige is also excited about this collaboration and wants to ensure that the bride has a personalized experience when looking for a partner.

“I really hope she has a say,” Paige said. “Because I think she and this position are very special. When you do this, I think you have a sense of style and know what you want. I think she has a lot of faith in everything, so I want to hear. She and her real favorite things. Picking up some bits and pieces from the existing collection, and then adding something new and exciting, which is unique to her. So she will have one one – Dress.”

Although the bride would not reveal too much about her future dress, she wanted to be “at the same time elegant and low-key”, but she did tease, “I would say it is a bit like a princess atmosphere, yes.”

As for Luyendyk wanting to see what he is about to become a wife?

“Arie doesn’t have much investment. He thinks that no matter what I wear, I will look beautiful. I think he used some spaghetti and tight things to take pictures of me, but I think many people think that I will choose so I may Will throw something unexpected.”

Burnham revealed that conservative wedding dresses have been difficult to save because her boyfriend has chosen his evening gown.

“I share everything with him. He is my best friend, so keeping a secret is really hard for me.”

The biggest question is: Will his predecessor be invited to the ceremony? I look forward to seeing some familiar faces because of her bachelor’s degree, including Seinne Fleming, Marikh Mathias and Maquel Cooper, who is one of her bridesmaids and will be by her side.

“This is a very special bond that many people may not understand,” Burnham said of their friendship. “The way we met was a bit weird, but since we have become very close to this show, I really appreciate it.”

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