woman in black and white long sleeve dress wearing sunglasses

We all sometimes struggle with our body insecurities and would like to look more perfect: slimmer, more toned, with more curves in the right places. Not everyone has enough determination and time on their hands to regularly visit the gym (also some dose of exercise is crucial to a healthy lifestyle) and sometimes even the most rigorous workout doesn’t fix all the issues. And it certainly takes a lot of time.

What if we want to look good right now, especially if we have an important event coming up and we can’t afford to look anything less than perfect in the photos?

That’s where fashion comes to help. With a couple of simple styling tips and tricks, you will be able to hide an unwanted belly and look gorgeous on your night out. Today we selected a couple of trendy A-line dresses that you can wear during spring and summer this year. Have a look!

woman in red long sleeve dress

The first dress is perfect for all those colder spring evenings. Wear it with a colorful floral or geometric clutch and add some gold or silver jewelry to complete your look.

You can also wear it with a light blazer in a contrasting color.

woman in white dress standing on sea shore during daytime

Option number two is very feminine and romantic. The delicate floral print is a perfect choice for the spring/summer season. Puffy long sleeves add a lot of style and sophistication to this A-line dress. Notice an interesting open-back cut that is one of the hottest fashion trends for this season!

woman in black and white long sleeve dress wearing sunglasses

No Third option is for all those ladies who love fashion and fun. It’s a bold choice suitable for a fashion event or night out with your girlfriends. V-neck cut will attract attention to the upper parts of your body and you will be able to keep your belly area unnoticed!

Remember about wearing some matching accessories like in the picture above. And the last option is for all those ladies who love A-line dresses but prefer a sleeveless style. Isn’t it gorgeous?

women's red, black, and white floral dress

The bright red color makes this look very energetic and youthful. If you add a plain red blazer on top, you can easily transform this dress into a long-sleeved outfit and wear it when the weather is a little cooler as well.

Another option includes a short gold blazer if you are looking to glam this look-up.

As you can see there are many options if you want to look good this season, and with some simple outfit choices, you can totally forget about problematic areas of your body (such as your belly or hips) and enjoy summertime in style!

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