A small accessory that has a huge impact. Sunglasses may look like a small and trivial accessory, but they have a big impact on your style, face, and even attitude. A good pair of sunglasses will elevate your mood along with your style and face. Before sunglasses were only used to protect you from the harsh UV rays of the sun. But, now sunglasses are a fashion statement and a necessary part of your wardrobe. There are a few who wear the same type of glasses every time. So, let us look at the list of sunglasses that people are reserving this year.

1.Your Classic Aviators

These are and will be my all time favorite. The classic glasses made by US first for their army and air force pilots, has always been a hit with us. Designed to protect the eyes from UV rays and reflective lenses, the design covers the entire eye. They were quite famous before and returned back with a bang.

2.Cat Eyed Frames

So, the classic Hollywood 70’s look is back. They are quite quirky and trendy with winged frames. This is an accessory, that you can repeat year after year, and it won’t get old. It looks funky and the tortoise shaped are a trend in itself.

3.That straight and rectangle understated glasses

Ever since Rihanna wore these glasses, way back in Cannes, they have been a hit. Also known as skinny shades are the perfect option for narrow and small faces. They come in various vibrant colors and designs. They are back this summer and in quite a few different shades.

4.The large retro frames

These are our all-time favorites and the return of them from square to round has had a warm welcome. They do give us a retro look, but there have been vast changes in them since the last ones. They are also available in squares, fresh colors, cut outs and mattes as well as the tinted ones.

5.Full transparent pair of sunglasses

The full transparent pair of sun glasses in different colors has been a trend since forever, and is back again. These plain sun glasses or in different types of colors are a hit in our people. They are a breath of fresh air and a pop of color is summer, when you combine them with soothing and softer hues. They also have tinted lenses and are a much-needed accessory this summer.

So, take a risk and try some new much needed accessories this summer. Go grab that perfect pair of sunglasses just designed for you.

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