Choosing looks to work in the summer can sometimes be a complicated task. Unlike the winter, when we can abuse the overlays and extra pieces in the look, in the summer, finding a light and elegant piece to work requires a lot of patience and mining.

The task may be difficult, but not impossible. The way is to adapt your wardrobe and prepare yourself with funky and lightweight pieces for everyday life. That’s why we’ve separated some tips for you to rock even on days when the heat seems unbearable. Check out:

The first tip is to always look for cool and comfortable fabrics to face the heat. Fabrics such as linen, silk and cotton are the most suitable and models loose on the body are also good options.

You can also separate a section in your wardrobe just for work clothes in the summer. This will help you organize yourself better and save time. With the clothes already separated, assembling the looks is faster and easier.

Knee-length dresses and skirts

Official summer models, the dresses are beautiful and fresh, in addition to being super practical. Opt for sleeveless models with lighter fabric.

Skirts follow the same line to guarantee the work look in summer and, like dresses, are great allies on very hot days. Invest in lightweight, straight-cut models. The height is always at the knee or below, as it is an office look.

Tank top at work can you?

Tank tops are great for warmer days, they usually have light fabric and are wide. Opt for more neutral colors and no prints.

Combining it with a dress pants or a midi skirt, which guarantees that the look will be a success (and super fresh!) you can wear it to work without fear!


⚡️ pantacourt
⚡️ pantacourt

The pantacourt pants, which is one of the highlights of fashion, is also a great joker piece for the summer look. This model always comes with a lighter and wider fabric, which guarantees the comfort we need so much on very hot days.


Yes, we’re talking summer work looks, so why wear a blazer or a jacket?

It’s always good to have that extra piece to face the temperature differences of the office air conditioner with the natural environment. So, even if it’s that hot, take a jacket or blazer to ensure a perfect look and not run that risk of getting cold with the sudden change in temperature when you arrive at work!

Basic t-shirt with skirt

This look is definitely one of the coolest for the summer. The t-shirt, if it is a lighter fabric, is great, as it is looser on the body. If combined with the skirt, you will guarantee a stylish and comfortable look, as the skirt is super fresh and suitable for hot days.


Chaleco de esmoquin de ASOS DESIGN | ASOS
Chaleco de esmoquin de ASOS DESIGN | ASOS

Vests or sleeveless suits for work are perfect. It gives seriousness to the look but because it is sleeveless, it is a good option for hot days. The best thing about the tailoring vest is that it can be used in formal looks or also in more casual looks, such as with jeans, to give a more serious and chic touch to the look.

Ready to face the summer with these powerful and fresh pieces?!

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