High-waisted pants help accentuate the figure and lengthen the legs. But we must take into account the cut and height when combining them with other garments.

1. Wear high-waisted pants in combination with short tops

The main advantage of high-waisted pants is that they perfectly highlight the waist, which is why they should be worn with short tops. Choose tops that start from the area where the waist of the pants ends, in order to obtain a continuity effect.

2. Combine them with crop-top sweaters

You can also wear short sweaters with short or long sleeves, depending on the style you like the most, especially if you are into the 70s fashion.

3. Wear them with knotted T-shirts

When you want to pair high-waisted pants with a wide T-shirt, you can tie a knot at the waist of the T-shirt. If you choose a long buttoned blouse, fasten the buttons to the waistband of the pants, then tie the shirt.

4. Put the top in your pants

High-waisted pants create the visual effect of elongation and make you look taller, but to achieve this effect it is necessary to emphasize the waist. Put the tops, blouses and even sweaters inside the front of the pants to create the illusion of longer legs.

5. Add layers to your outfit

One way to show off your figure while wearing high-waisted pants is to create layers to accentuate your figure. You can add vests, coats and jackets to the outfit, but make sure the blouse underneath is short or hide it in your pants.

6. Choose the right size pants

If your high-waisted pants are too tight, they will definitely not benefit you, and if they are too wide, add extra volume that is not necessary. Make sure your high-waisted pants fit you perfectly and adjust them to the tailor when needed.

7. Show your shoes

High-waisted pants go very well with heeled shoes because together they accentuate the visual elongation effect and make your legs look longer. But to achieve this effect, the hem of the pants should reach to the level of the ankle, so that the shoes are visible. If you want to wear high-waisted pants with sports shoes, choose pants with a straight cut.

8. Accentuate the waist with a strap

Wearing a belt accentuates the waist and makes it look thinner, and at the same time draws attention to the high waist of the pants. Thick belts are preferable in the case of high-waisted jeans, and for fabric pants you can wear a belt in the same color as the pants.

9. Choose lightweight materials

In addition to jeans, which look great in the high-waisted version, and high-waisted pants made of lightweight materials are a good choice. The delicate and vaporous material offers fluidity and a touch of elegance.

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