What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear September? For me, it’s Fall, pumpkin spice latte, and all things autumnal. Girls who love fashion can’t deny that fall is the most enjoyable season when it comes to styling. Autumn stands for layering and layering gives rise to endless possibilities for styling creativity. Turtle necks beneath jackets, sweater dresses undercoats, ring scarves around necks or scarves, the options are simply never-ending.

Having said all this, my favorites are coats and jackets. One can never have too many and a good coat or jacket makes or breaks an outfit. A good coat is an investment. Never shy away from buying the coat or jacket of your dreams because it is going to serve you for the coming many years and also may be possible that you pass it on to your daughter or little sister. That’s why you should really weigh the pros and cons of a particular design before burning a hole in your pocket.

However, I am not suggesting to go out all the way and drain all your money on it. If you want variety this season, you can depend on fast fashion and save your moolah for the one you truly love and are sure of. Here are a few styles that would never go out of fashion and are a must in your wardrobe this autumn-winter season.

1. Moto jacket:

Be it vegan leather or real, polyurethane or denim, the moto-style is a staple every season. It’s just way too cool to not do it every year. Whether fully zipped up or left open, it looks perfect on a pair of jeans or a tiny skirt, a dress, or even leggings. It’s just too smart to let go.

2. Wide lapel coat:

A ladylike coat is essential in every girl’s wardrobe. Wide lapels look very elegant and expensive and sophisticated. I love the ones with metallic buttons or fabric buttons. Single-breasted or double, I love stocking up on a variety of colors of ladylike coats.

3. Quilted jackets:

Our weather should not only reflect our style but should be able to solve the purpose of giving warmth too. A jacket that serves both purposes is a quilted jacket. They are incredibly warm and look super stylish be it stomping in the snow or simply fighting cold waves. The air trapped inside acts as an insulator and provides much-needed warmth.

4. Full-length coat: A full-length coat serves multiple purposes. It acts as a dress while covering you in warmth like that in a cocoon. These are slightly difficult to find so I suggest sticking to solid and neutral colors while buying one. Black is a staple but so cliche so I always advise against it. Opt for beige or brown or even burgundy. A white coat looks very beautiful but challenging to maintain. So if you are ready for lighter shades, you can go for blush too. Looks really pretty.

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