There are two types of girls in this world: a girly girl and a sporty girl. A girly-girl is into dresses and skirts while a sporty girl is into trousers, shorts and leggings. While a sporty doesn’t have many further types other than sneakers and slides, there are quite a few varieties of girly girls.

A girly-girl may be conservative or experimentally fashionable. The conservative ones stick to predictable colours and silhouettes like A-line, skater, etc in neutrals or solid, safe colours.

While the experimental ones (me included) neither shy away from bold colours nor eccentric hemlines. Out of the many unconventional yet fashionable fabrics and styles, pleated fabrics look intimidating to some. So I would like to list few simple ways to style pleated skirts.

Pleated skirts look extremely flattering and feminine and elegant too. However since it’s a little unconventional and a bit difficult to maintain, people usually shy away from them. But they are super easy to style once you crack the code!

Since pleated skirts are flowy so you would want the top to be fitted. Unless you are some fashion icon who is super tall and skinny and can carry off any look (read billowy on billowy)

1. With a crop top:

Since the bottom is flowy and long, crop tops look super polished and pretty with pleated skirts. Whether it’s a full sleeve fitted crop top or a cami top, the peeking midriff offers the right break to the visuals.

2. Well fitted tee:

If you are not comfortable exposing your midriff with a crop top, then you can opt for a fitted tee that’s not at all loose. You should tuck the tee inside for a clean look. Even if you have a less than flat stomach (which neither of us has… I am talking about the normal girls, not fitness freaks and models) this look will feel beautiful.

3. Bandeau top:

Well again this one is for real fashionistas but the whole outfit looks top notch. The off-shoulder and the bare midriff does full justice to the billowing bottom of a pleated skirt. According to my, this is the best look.

4. Warm wear:

You can always pair your pleated skirt with warm clothing like a turtle neck fitted sweater. This applies to a solid coloured thermal too and you can also put a blazer over the top. No matter how you style it, remember always to pair it with something very fitted.

5. Corset:

A corset is a beautiful and longer combination of a bandeau and crop top, according to me! And hence it’s bound to look put together with a pleated skirt.

Do you wear pleated skirts? What is your favourite way of styling?

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