Do you like to work out? I won’t be surprised if you say no. However I would be pleasantly motivated if you say yes. I would love to know the secret behind your inspiration and motivation to burn calories. I although know one thing for sure which acts as a driving force for me as well as thousands of other girls. It has to be cute gym gear! Am I not right? And there is no harm in this.

We often tend to associate tough things/activities with something pleasant or enjoyable. And outfits are a huge part of that. It not only makes us feel good but confident about a particular role or activity. We wear a sharp power suit to a meeting to feel more confident. Cute tennis clothes make us play better and so does golfing skirt and cap. Similarly, it has been proven that if you own cute gym clothes, you are bound to work out more which is the target at the end of the day. You should own at least 7 pairs of cute gym wear that you can wash and wear regularly.

Instead of buying various pairs of the same type of leggings and sports bras, it’s time to switch things up and get different types of sports crop tops. Of course, one style can particularly be more comfortable for you than others. You can stock up more on that style. Here I am helping you with different types of sports crop tops that would help you take your workout game to the next level.

1. Mesh sports bra: A normal sports bra is so boring. Also, I don’t like my gym wear to look like undergarments. A very easy way to take your sports bra up one notch is by a mesh. Whether it’s on the front or the back, it looks super cool.

2. A twisted sports bra: A twist looks super chic yet sporty. I love a knotted tee or crop top and when the twist is on a sports bra, it is my favorite.

3. Strappy Sports bra: The straps on the back look super sexy and feminine. It’s actually the new definition of chic Athleisure. If you need more support, you can just slip in your favorite supportive bra underneath.

4. Sports bra with a tank top: A lot of you don’t like too much fabric while working out. It may be because you perspire too much or maybe it causes a hindrance in your high-intensity exercise. However, you don’t like stepping out of the gym or in public wearing a skimpy sports bra. A tank works best in these cases. You wear your bra underneath, and a cute cropped tank over it. Modest enough for public outings yet totally practical for the gym.

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