Temperatures during the winter season are lower and the weather is cold, so clothes, besides being fashionable they have to keep us warm. For this reason is very important to choose carefully what you wear, because when wearing many layers sometimes it can be too much. For this, it’s a great idea to invest in some really cool and warm sweaters that will look stylish and keep you warm and cozy all winter long!

1. The basic turtleneck sweater

A must-have for any fashionista out there is the turtleneck sweater. This piece of clothing will go well with everything from your wardrobe, from skirts to jeans, to palazzo trousers and even jumpsuits. The best thing is to choose such one made out of cotton or a knit that feels soft on the skin. Also, it’s best to have at least one black sweater and a beige or camel one, as these colors will go well with many other shades.

2. The striped sweater

A classic piece that makes you think of Paris and France is the striped sweater. It comes in many different models, but if you don’t want to go wrong, go for the one in white with small horizontal black stripes. Wear it with a pair of flared trousers with a high waist, add a red blazer and a black beret and you will get yourself a very chic French-inspired outfit perfect for warmer winter days.

3. The chunky cable knit sweater

For those super cold winter days, the handiest is the chunky cable knit sweater. Usually made out of wool, this jumper will keep you warm and will look fabulous with any type of jeans. However, you have to keep in mind that for this type of sweater you need a larger coat to wear over it. You can find it in lots of colors, but it’s best to go for a white, beige, or grey one as it will fit better with any other colors.

4. The ruffled detail sweater

If you are more into feminine looks and you like puff sleeves and ruffles, then you should definitely lookout for a sweater with ruffled details. This lovely jumper will keep you warm while transforming your entire outfit is something very girly and luscious. You can wear it with skirts or jeans and you won’t go wrong!

5. The cozy poncho

Probably not many women choose the poncho sweater can be quite a great addition to your wardrobe. This sweater is big and cozy and will keep you warm without a problem. And the best thing is the fact that you can wear it over other sweaters and even in place of a coat. And you can find it in many different colors and patterns too!

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