Finding your fashion style might be difficult. Every time you look around, there’s the latest trend to follow or a fashionista to copy.

The idea is to begin by creating your own distinct personal style. What do you like to dress in? What inspires you to feel gorgeous and confident? Once you’ve determined your style, you can combine various pieces to create ensembles suitable for every occasion.

Here are some suggestions to help you develop your distinct style:

1. Fitted top and baggy bottoms

When it comes to matching and mixing different items, the first rule is to ensure that if you wear a fitted top, you pair it with some baggier pants.

Wearing loose-fitting pants with a blouse will seem shabby and will not define your form. To produce a proportional and balanced image, the loose fit on the legs perfectly contrasts with the snug fit on the top half.

2. Fitted bottoms with a loose top

The third rule is to wear skinny or fitted pants with a loose top. You’re generating an effect here by pairing something fitting on your lower body with something baggier on your upper body to produce a pleasing look. Tight leggings with a loose-fitting t-shirt are an excellent example of this.

This will give your attire a more structured and elegant appearance. To establish balance in your ensemble, wear something body-hugging if you wear something loose.

3. A patterned shirt with solid bottoms

The following piece of advice is to wear printed tops with solid-colored bottoms. To avoid excessive designs in your attire, establish a balanced look by incorporating a pattern into only one side of your ensemble.

Avoid pairing flashy bottoms with a patterned blouse. To create an exquisite ensemble, pair a printed blouse with a trouser.

4. White shirt with a pencil skirt

A white button-down shirt, pencil skirt, and jacket can’t go wrong, which is why it’s a classic outfit.

The components in this ensemble can be mixed with almost anything and still look excellent. However, when all these elements are combined, you get a truly ageless design appropriate for any occasion.

For a classy look, pick a neutral-colored skirt such as grey, brown, or beige. It is not required to wear it with a pencil skirt. You can also wear a flowy midi skirt for an attractive and classy style.


5. Wide-leg jeans and a tank top

Mix a tank top with wide-leg jeans for a simple and laid-back appearance. Mix and match different tank tops with different-colored pants for a unique style.

This outfit is ideal for a day out with friends or shopping. You can also wear an oversized shirt over your tank top.


You Can’t Go With These Must-Try Mix And Match Options

These are some clothing ideas to add to your wardrobe to look put-together and stylish. Whatever occasion you’re dressing up for, remember to dress for your body type. You should always dress for your body type.

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