With the holidays approaching, it can be easy to gain a little something extra with all the eggnogs, cookies, sumptuous meals, and seasonal treats. If you are conscious about your body and want something that can create a smooth, streamlined figure, body shapers are a fast and easy fix. Do you know that there is something even better? A dress with built-in shapewear! There is no need to struggle with any shapewear or adding layers to your outfit when you have this amazing attire in your wardrobe.

There is no need to reach out for a push-up bra, full body shaper, shaping panty, or any other type of undergarment. This dress contours and has all in one shapewear built right into the dress. Everything you want is in the dress itself. Lifting, sculpting, and shaping, you name it, you got it.

Why Should You Get This Built-In Shapewear Dress?

Shapellx Contour Built-In Shaper Dress
Shapellx Contour Built-In Shaper Dress

This shapewear dress from Shapellx combines the power of shapewear and compression garments, all in one piece to motivate women to embrace their curves. The firm control creates sleek smooth lines with targeted power areas.  Designed to feel like a comfortable hug throughout, this dress holds you close and moves with you. This form-fitting dress offers 360° tummy control and boob support. What’s best about this built-in shapewear dress is that it is made from recycled fabric. Talk about looking chic while helping to reduce your carbon footprint in your closet. When you buy clothing made from sustainable materials, not only are you buying quality, but you are also helping the environment. 

This built-in shapewear dress is available in two shades and they are black and gray and sizes XS to 4X. It accentuates the body’s contours and does not just compress them. With a functional built-in bra for support and wearability. This piece of shaping wonder offers a complete shaping solution by taming and smoothing the tummy and hips. With a combination of shapewear that is built discreetly within the dress, it works to shape, lift and tone the body without adding any extra layers or bulk to your silhouette.

Shapellx Contour Built-In Shaper Dress
Shapellx Contour Built-In Shaper Dress

This midi dress from Shapellx is the classic little black dress with an added sculpting secret. Elegant and figure-flattering that is made to perfectly fit everybody, you can wear this wardrobe essential daily. With the right mix of comfortability and compression in a dress, you can wear it confidently knowing that it is working hard underneath to keep everything smooth and sculpt. Invest in yourself with this classic and versatile dress made for an empowered look. It will take you from day to night and desk to date effortlessly.

With this eco friendly shapewear dress, you can get straight to the holiday cheer this party season. It makes you look one or two sizes smaller and some say this dress is like a botox for the This all-in-one contouring and shaping dress can fix any figure issues no matter if you are hourglass, straight, curvy, or anything in between.

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