It may be challenging to know where to begin if you want to spice up your old and uninteresting clothing. But don’t worry; there are many different methods by which you may accomplish that. Just be sure to read all the way through for inspiration.

We have some of the best DIY fashion hacks that will quickly transform your plain clothes into attractive ones, from attempting the DIY tie-dye trick to adding bling to your shirts.


To give a renewed look to your old clothing items, try these DIY hacks and thanks us later:

  1. Embellished collars

You can give your collars a fresh look by using the beads, studs, or pearls lying around. Add bling to your ordinary looking dress collar and see you are no longer required to invest extra money in new jumpers.

Use your creativity to create your embellished-collar jumper or follow these instructions:

  • Delicately sketch your pattern on your collar with a pencil or washable fabric pen
  • Sew pretty accessories to the collar or glue them to get a beautiful and elegant result

You can add textures and an exciting look to your collar using beads of different sizes, colors, and designs.

This do-it-yourself tip is constructive if you want to reuse old shirts you no longer wish to wear.

  • Tie-dye Tshirt

The most fundamental article of clothing we all own is a t-shirt. However, after some time, an old one may seem uninteresting. DIY hacks can be used in countless ways to restore that vibe to your t-shirts.

The tie-dye trend is another prevalent one that we have been observing, and it isn’t going away anytime soon. It enables you to turn your existing tees into gorgeous, vibrant clothes.

Let’s do this hack as follows:

  • Place your cleaned and dried t-shirt on a flat surface and twist it by positioning your palm in the middle.
  • Bind the t-shirt with rubber bands, then set it on a platter.
  • Now slowly pour the bleach over the twisted t-shirt, flip it over, and repeat the procedure. When using bleach, proceed cautiously.
  • Finally, rinse with cold water.

Voila, your old T-shirt with a new look is ready to flaunt.

  • Embroidered denim

Get rid of that dull pair of jeans and give them a vivid edge by updating them with multi-coloured patches.

All you need to do to attach a patch of colorful abstract art or floral embroidery to your jeans. Sew them firmly in place. However, if you want to embellish it with embroidery, you must use a needle and your sewing skills to sew the desired embroidered pattern.

Follow these instructions:

  • Draw your pattern on your jeans
  • Put an embroidery hoop
  • Add colorful threads to the design to give it a more dynamic appearance


Besides clothing items upgrading, you can indulge in pumping up your high heels too. Say no to boring high heels and start adding that oomph to your heels by either covering them with lace piece or coloring bottom sole like a watermelon.

No doubt, a little creativity and time can help you to revive your wardrobe’s idle items.

So, get- set-go!

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