For the past few years, nails have become a great deal in the fashion industry. Where before nails were kept simple by painting in simple colors at home, now a whole industry has been dedicated to its art. From salons doing manicures to YouTube tutorials, nails have become part of a fashion accessory.

Aside from manicures looking good, they also make a person feel fresh and rejuvenated, especially if you’re working twenty-four-seven, and let’s just agree that is how work life is.

Manicures can offer breaks and breathing periods. To sit down relax and let someone else handle something for a change.

Now the only thing that remains is what kind of manicure do you want to go for? Simple acrylics? Something out of the box?

More decisions to make right?

Well, no! Let us make matters simple. Here are some great simple nail ideas to hop on 2022 trends!

Blue’s Clues

Are you having a blue day? While the day is getting you down, why not flip it around by opting for blue nails? Ironic right?

Blue nails are all anyone could talk about. Let’s just say it’s the color of 2022. Here’s to hoping to never have a blue day again, with blue nails this can be possible! Embrace it.

Whether opting for something more out there like nail art or a simple one color, blue can not only make you feel good but also looks good. Matching with many outfits you may have planned; blue nails can never go wrong.

Going Out with the French

French manicure is a classic and more or less a timeless choice for a manicure. However, if you’re looking for something trendy and upbeat, try an embellished French.

What this entails is sparkling and adding some sugar to your nails. Metaphorically speaking.

It has the classic of a French tip, with the addition of some designs of your choice. So, for example, two fingers can sport the classic yet updated French tip in your favorite color – doesn’t have to be white – while the other fingers sport some stars.

A two-in-one combo – who wouldn’t love that?

Swirls and Whirls

If you are one who loves a little pattern moment, this is the nail trend for you. Swirls are one of the easy-going nail trends to hop on.

With a mix of colors such as either bright or pastels or even more muted tones – swirls give the perfect summer vacation vibes. It is easily one of the most fun and versatile nail trends to exist. If you are in a rut and can’t decide on one single color, swirls may be the best option for you.

Shimmery Glimmers

Love a good sparkle moment? Then look no further. This is the perfect option for you. With shimmery nails, you have two options. Either add it on top of a base nail color or here us out – give it its own moment.

Freaky right? Let us tell you if you apply a shimmery nail color such as silver, it will give out the perfect nails that you would love!

Wrapping Up

Nails are as important as picking out the perfect outfit. While they may not be the first to be displayed, a good manicure always shows.

So, if you’re in the mood for something simple yet classy, try the above-mentioned suggestions. Who knows you may find a favorite?

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