Not a few women experience problems with a distended stomach. Some things such as lifestyle, eating too many fatty foods, rarely exercising, and speed of metabolism can be triggers. However, for those of you who have a distended stomach, that doesn’t mean you can’t look fashionable. There are many clothing choices that can cover your belly fat, one of which is the use of shapewear.

Currently, this fashion item is very popular and widely worn by fashion lovers. In addition to giving a beautiful curve to your waist instantly, shapewear can also hold your stomach, reducing the risk of looking saggy.

Using shapewear as a solution to hide your belly fat has many advantages. Besides being practical, easy to wear, and get instant results in seconds, shapewear can also be worn as a stylish fashion item that makes you look stunning.

So, here are some shapewear ideas to hide your belly fat and make you look fashionable!

Wearing Shapewear As Undergarment

This is a classic way to wear shapewear, yes, by wearing it hidden under your clothes!

Many women think to hide their belly fat by wearing loose-fitting clothes and dresses with a certain cut, for example the type of empire dress that has the highest waist. Of course, this is not the wrong way. But ladies, actually every woman deserves to wear a dress of any design. Even if you have belly fat, you can still wear a sexy bodycon dress. You just need to get help from shapewear undergarment as a solution.

You can choose shapewear with seamless designs or thong shapewear that will not be visible from behind the clothes you are wearing, even when you are wearing tight clothes. Seamless shapewear also tends to be more comfortable to wear because it is made of lightweight, breathable and non-irritating materials.

Shapewear has many options and you can even choose the compression level. If you want tummy control shapewear that gives a more streamlined effect, you can wear tighter ones with high compression capabilities. To keep you comfortable wearing it during your activities, make sure you take one that fits your body size and is made of stretchy material. Wearing shapewear undergarments can flatten your tummy and create a smooth waistline and beautiful curves. Your body shape will be ideal and blend perfectly with the piece of dress you are wearing.

Wearing Shapewear As an Outfit

Shapewear doesn’t always have to be hidden under your clothes, ladies. You can also wear shapewear as a stylish outfit today. This is the most fun way to hide belly fat in style. Thanks to modern shapewear!

You can pair your favorite bodysuit with leather pants or high-waisted jeans. This style will create the illusion of long legs and perfect body proportions. No need to be afraid of belly fat disturbing your appearance because the bodysuit you wear can be the best body shaper that makes your stomach flat and creates fabulous hourglass curves.

A trend that was recently popularized by Hollywood celebrities is wearing shapewear as a fashionable outer. You can add a short torso or waist trainer with a strap accent on the front of your blouse or dress. People may not think that you are hiding your belly fat behind your outfit because they will only see a stylish and stunning appearance. Awesome!

Wearing Shapewear As Sports Accessories

AirSlim® 2-in-1 Shaper Shorts With Side Pockets
AirSlim® 2-in-1 Shaper Shorts With Side Pockets

You can also use shapewear as a complement to your sports and workout needs. Wearing shaper shorts, waist trainers, or shaper leggings can not only hide your belly fat instantly but will also help your body burn more fat when you exercise. Surely you will get your ideal body shape faster by regularly wearing shapewear and exercising.

Well, ladies, it doesn’t seem like an exaggeration to say that shapewear is the best solution to hide belly fat in an effective and fun way. It turns out that not only slimming and sculpting the body to make it curvier, but shapewear can also be a fashionable outfit choice, right? So, how do you prefer to wear your shapewear?

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