Outfits without jewelry are like food without salt. Jewelry is something that everyone puts on to add color to their outfits, irrespective of gender. 

Who doesn’t love to make a fashion statement with their jewelry pieces? Also, what better way to adorn your outfit than with daring, eye-catching statement jewelry? The beauty of statement jewelry pieces is that they allow you to stand out from the crowd and turn all the attention toward yourself. 

If you fall into the category of those who have just begun to wear statement jewelry pieces, here are some rules that we suggest you follow. 

  • Earring: The Game Changer

Women are big fans of earrings, and it is something that they always wear, no matter what the occasion is. Statement earrings will be an eye-catcher if you wear them. Select a pair that complements the shape of your face and draws attention to your features. When selecting earrings, consider factors including length, color, form, and attire compatibility because picking the incorrect pair might be the wrong move. 

Also, ensure that the makeup looks you are going for blend well with the earrings. A bright earring would go well with bare makeup. It will balance out the entire look. 

A tip: If you wear big danglers that hang down your ears, keep your hair sleek and simple. 

  • Jewelry and outfit coordination

Statement jewelry is intended to define your particular style and complement your appearance. Proper coordination may add character to a plain outfit, make casual wear look dressier, or even completely wreck your appearance. Here, simplicity in your attire is crucial. Solids, clean-lined dresses, and jeans provide the ideal backdrop for big jewelry. A striking necklace should never be worn with an excessively patterned dress. However, you can wear a cocktail ring or a set of sizable monotone studs for a formal occasion.

· Pay attention to the neckline

The neckline of your outfit will be most important, especially if you’re wearing a striking necklace. With a significant statement necklace, off-the-shoulder dresses blend well. Similarly, V-neck, scoop-neck, and plunging necklines also look great. A fashion disaster would be wearing a collared outfit. Simply keep your clothing simple and solid in color so that the jewelry stands out and enhances your overall appearance.

Besides considering these things, you can also ensure that your makeup is on point as you wear statement jewelry. We do not suggest going without makeup. However, it should be tailored to your jewelry. For instance, while you’re wearing an eye-catching necklace, smoky eyes are a big no. Also, statement jewelry is nothing without confidence. So, whatever you wear, pull it off with confidence. 


Statement jewelry is a fantastic way to highlight and enhance your characteristics. You may highlight and showcase your features with the appropriate statement piece while quickly bringing your look to life. The appeal of statement jewelry is that it allows you to look gorgeous while dressing simply. So, level up your statement jewelry game with our suggestions. 

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