The good thing about diving into the fashion world is that you will never run out of ideas to style yourself. For instance, the hooded jackets you have grown to love used to settle in plain or minimal patterns and colors. But since fashion equates to creativity, you can enjoy different styles.

The size of your closet is not the limit to being fashionable with your hoodies. You can upgrade your winter fashion with the ones sitting in your closet from the smallest detail up to the most significant. Below are the suggestions on how to look stylish with them.

Go With A Cropped Hoodie

A cropped hooded sweatshirt is a good choice if you want to look fabulous. It’s up to you to settle for a sports bra on the inside or wear a cute tee. Whatever you feel wearing, this hooded outfit can upgrade your look. 

It is also an opportunity to show your abs, or if not, the designs of your t-shirt. It could be a one-liner inspirational quote or the lyrics of your favorite song.

Wear Baggy

It adds a little bit of hip when you wear something baggy. The same applies to your hooded winter attire. You can be as stylish as the ones who make these baggy hoodies their main attire. You can turn it into a mini dress then pair it with fashionable boots. Or, you can add a belt for waist emphasis.

The key to finding extra baggy hooded sweatshirts is to go to the men’s section and pick the best design you want. In this way, you can successfully rock that oversized style.

Explore The Print

Most people who are satisfied with their styles explore the designs or prints of their garments. You can do that to level up your hoodies. It is also a great way to express yourself, and you can freely choose designs that signify your beliefs and principles.

Most fashion gurus invest in prints and colors because these are their chances to play on their styles and go out of the box. Sometimes, a breath of fresh air results from trying what seemed to be impossible.

Pair With Denim Jeans

Denim is an ideal match for a hoodie to create a laidback combination. You can go for a denim hoodie and a pair of soft-fabric jeans, or the other way around. Either of those matches will upgrade your style.

To complete the package, you can go with a nice pair of sneakers for a casual look. But if you want a more elegant style, go for the high-heeled boots.

Match It with A Leather Skirt

A leather fashion item and a hoodie can make the best pair for winter attire. For instance, you can get that chic look when you pair your light-colored hoodie with a leather mini skirt. The leather factor can add a sophisticated touch to your overall style.

There is no need for you to buy new fashion items, especially when you wear them in a particular season. What you need is an expansive imagination and the willingness to try different tastes of fashion.

Like those hoodies in your closet, you can wear them and still look stylish by pairing them with a leather skirt or denim jeans. You can also explore the prints or go the extra length by cropping your hoodie in half.

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