The “Lipsticks,” a perfect all-rounder beautification tool! It will make your dull and stiff appearance more radiant and alive. It is not a magic item, but it does wonders. No matter how much lipstick you have in your possession. What matters is the shades!

I have many preferred lipstick shades that I use depending on my outfit, how I want others to see me, and what I feel. Lipstick color is not just a color. It is the extension of your expression! It is your way to show how you feel towards others perfectly.

For example, we often wear black lipstick to mourn and red lipstick for special occasions. So, I will share my top 5 most loved lipsticks colors that I hope you find interesting and pretty!


I love the red colored lipstick, and it makes me more attractive. It is said that the red color attracts more attention than any colors out there. It is true with all the attention and compliment I get from my friends and colleagues at work. So it would help if you will try this lipstick shade too. Get one from!


One of the best colors and features of a lipstick shade is its matte finish! It is less moisture and oily than others which makes it more saturated. As a result, it has a shimmer and glittering effect that I know you’ll want to as well. It makes your face look alive and vibrant.


Now here is a brownish red lipstick shade that I mostly use for casual days. It gives me a more relaxed feeling than having a shimmering and empowering red color shade. What fascinates me is it is easy to apply. Also, it is in crayon design which helps me do my makeup at ease. I often wear this together with my skirt and while at home chilling when it is my rest day from work. I hope you’ll love this shade as I myself do!


Here is what I’m using to have a smooth finish for my lips. The glittering 300-Secret from COVERGIRL sure makes my day. I adore how the ingredients of this lipstick don’t make my lips dry, as it has nourishing ingredients. I remember wearing this lipstick shade when I did my first-ever job interview!


As I mentioned, I’m really hooked on red-colored shades. So this one is red colored lipstick shade but with a twist because it is matte! So if you want to have a thick lipstick shade, I highly recommend this one.

These lipstick shades are based on my own preference. I’ve learned that having one lipstick shade is not enough, but having tons is not appropriate as well. Just getting two or three lipstick shades to switch anytime, depending on your mood, does wonder.

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