When I stared at my closet trying to decide what to wear, all the comments on the work clothes looked like cartoon bubbles. Do I listen to those who say that they are successful? Do I listen to the impressions of those dressed? Do I listen to those who say that they are going to improve? Or am I just wearing it to express it?

My closet feels overwhelming.

Let me take a step back and start from scratch. I read that nearly three-quarters of the “most suitable companies” in the UK have formal business dress requirements. I shared this on the Internet, asked people about their reactions and thoughts, and was surprised – I hardly know the feelings and intensity of how people should (or should not) dress up for work.

Is the litigation order respected?

One respondent caused a lot of attention and controversy. He said that if you wear a suit, people will trust and respect you more. My immediate thought is that this is not true. It’s not like the superhero we wear in our clothes (suits), miraculously have the “power” to be trusted or respected. If it works in this way, we will only provide all managers and leaders with the role that suits them being hired or promoted to them, and hey: their superhero power will appear.


Leaders gain the trust and respect of their employees by sharing and living company values, communicating in an open and honest manner, having their own mistakes and being brave enough to look at their own things.

Does it look smarter to make you smarter?

A branch of this comment is that you need to look smart. Some people think that you have to wear a suit to achieve this goal, while others think you personally think “what” means to you. Personally, I am a fan of the latter, because I have turned to less formal clothing in the existing company, I have seen – and feel – if you don’t wear a formal suit, you can really wear and be smart . However, if I am completely honest, sometimes I will wear a suit or a beautiful dress at a large event because it gives me more confidence to perform in front of a large group of people. people. However, my co-authors and colleagues wore uniforms in his jeans and T-shirts, no matter what time and place he said, he was one of the smartest people I knew.

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