Yes, Meghan Markle is wearing a dress with a label, no, this is not a big deal.

Meghan Markle just went out to join Prince Harry with their royal tour in Tonga, and it looks wonderful from Self-Portrait in a red dress.

The problem is that the label is still on the clothes and very noticeable, which certainly technically makes this similar to the Duchess’ wardrobe failure – meaning the internet has a lot of criticism that I won’t bother sharing. why? Because this is really not a big deal for all of us!

Meghan looks great in any way, and the color of FYI is exactly the same color as the Tonga flag, which marks how thoughtful the Duchess and her team are on her wardrobe during this tour.

Also, since you may need to own this item as soon as possible, please note that it is a Self-Portrait pleated red midi dress. Again, it’s a cute label or no label, so please forgive me when I buy it now (and purposefully keep the label supporting Meghan), forever goodbye!

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