There is nothing more real than the cloak.

His wearing a cloak is the ultimate motivation. Nothing can say “I am a gorgeous autofocus” like a piece of fabric that flows over you wherever you go. The cloak makes their wearer an angel, the royal family and gives all power; no other piece of clothing will make you feel like you have dreamed of becoming an extraordinary superhero. When someone asks you this question, “what do you want to do when you grow up? ?”

There is also a cloak dress? It saw what the cloak brought – and lifted it.

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There is no denying that wearing a cloak is another thing. It will make you a blind man. (You know, the person who decided to wear a cloak to a restaurant or bar or someone else’s birthday party.)

But the cloak dress allows you to avoid the responsibility of the cloak. It provides an excuse: “I found this dress I really like, and it happened to be wearing a shawl.” You didn’t choose to enter the cloak, you chose to wear it – the cloak came.

The cloak dress lets you have your cloak – and behaves like a normal, well-adjusted, totally unconventional person.

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Fortunately, our favorite designers and retailers have begun to understand the great value of cape dresses, and they use them directly to shower us.

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