I think we all know how important it is to add accessories to our outfits to elevate them and make everything look put together nicely, although the dramatic and colorful accessories have returned again, we are left with the minimalist style that is always in fashion and that combines with anything we wear, whether to go to work, a party, a meeting or lunch with friends, this style is like pearls, we will never stop using them, even many of these minimalist accessories use pearls like focal center to add something different.

But today we are going to talk about the clavicle chain, this accessory is my favorite of all, I think that layering necklace has never looked so good and this is undoubtedly beautiful if you want to have a piece of jewelry that represents you can choose one of these and add your special touch, be it a diamond or a precious stone that you like, there are infinities of styles regarding this necklace but my favorite are diamonds of course.

The favorite brands are Tiffany & co, they have been behind this trend for years, believe me, that there is nothing that causes more excitement than when you receive that little blue box from Tiffany’s and even more if it has this necklace inside, the Swarovski brand also has its version of this and it is beautiful, whatever brand you choose you to have to make sure you choose good material and a classic style so that your accessory will last despite the years and that you can get the most out of it, this style is not going to go anywhere soon and I think that if you want to use it, you should invest money in one that you are in love with and completely sure that you are going to use it.

As for making it special, many designs include small personal details to make this necklace something unique, such as adding a precious stone, placing your initial or that of a loved one, pearls are also a good option, there are infinities of styles online to choose from which you can take a look at and possibly add to your collection because this style you must have in all possible options to combine all your outfits with this accessory.

If you are looking for an option closer to your budget, my favorite brand, Ana Luisa NY, has some super cute designs made in 24k gold that are super chic but perfect for your budget.

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