You have probably heard it often and face this issue yourself: the perfect pair of jeans. Jeans are one of the most difficult shopping items, especially if you do it online. There are several brands, sizes, fabrics, and fits; getting confused about the right jeans is natural. 

Denim is one of the most worn clothing items, so there is always pressure to pick the perfect pair that fits your body type perfectly. 

Body type is the primary thing. Wearing the perfect jeans that fit your body type gives you comfort and boosts your confidence. If you are unsure about trying a different kind of denim, this blog will help you. 

3-Step Guide for Perfect Pair of Jeans

Step 1 – The Right Size: 

To pick the right fit, hold the end of the waist of the selected jeans and wrap them around the bottom level of your neck. If the ends touch each other easily, be certain it is your size. They must easily wrap around the neck. 

Step 2 – Width

Clench your fist and bend your arm at the elbow. If your arm easily fits into the zipped-up waistband of the jeans, it is the right width for you. This will differ depending on whether the jeans are standard or high-waisted.

Step 3 – Length

Now, the only factor left is the length of the jeans. Hold the edges of your chosen jeans’ legs and extend your arms as far as possible. The length is perfect for you if the center of your jeans is right below your chin. 

How to Know Your Right Fit?

  • Shape of Leg

Pay attention to the shape of the leg, as there are different types. This is according to your taste and body type. Is it skinny, regular, or straight? If you are trying a new fit, it is best to try it before purchasing.

  • Denim

When you are buying denim jeans, make sure they are stretchable or not. If you prefer skinny jeans, stretchable ones are always an option. In this case, pay attention to the elastane percentage. If you are concerned about your jeans getting loose after some time, make sure the elastane is 3 percent. 

  • Length

The length is the measurement from the crotch to the leg opening. Often, people tend to wear ankle-length jeans, so if you are one of them, you should pay attention to this. 

  • Rise

The distance from the crotch joint to the waistband is called the rise. The rise is an important factor based on your clothing and comfort. There are deep crotch, mid-rise, high-rise, and low-rise styles. 


There are several types of jeans according to body type – boot-cut, straight leg, flare, boyfriend, and skinny. Several brands, like Good American, co-founded by Khloe Kardashian, are working on creating denim of all shapes and sizes. The key is always to feel confident about what you wear, so wearing jeans that fit your body type is necessary. There will be statements like “skinny is out of trend” and more, but you must always wear things that make you feel bold and confident about yourself. 

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