Jeans are the most versatile apparel of women fashion especially for the summer season. But, how do you pick your jeans is very crucial, because a wrong decision with your jeans would cost you an entire season of uncomfortable fashion. Here is our guide to choose your perfect pair of jeans, whatever your need be or whatever your waist size be, remember these 5 types of jeans and you will never run out of the JEAN factor for your summer fashion.

1. Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are very popular amongst millennials and it is because of their tight body-hugging design, least effort for the women with hour-glass bodies or women who have slimmer legs these skinny jeans are perfect for summer fashion and can be teamed up with anything from a t-shirt to a blouse and for all kinds of settings and this pair of jeans will never disappoint you.

2. Straight leg jeans

Straight-leg jeans are best suited for anyone and everyone. Yes, you heard it right, a pair of jeans that is perfect and beautiful for all and any body shape. Its elegant finish of tailoring makes it perfect to be paired with a t-shirt and a good pair of sneakers or loafers. This pair of jeans can be blindly trusted with summer fashion attires you have chosen to flaunt this year!

3. Boot cut Jeans

Boot Cut jeans are again suitable for all body types but we suggest it to be the perfect partner or much like a fashion soul mate for the curvy fashionistas out there. Design your summer outfits with this beautiful piece of fashion apparel and it will make sure to add glamour, sass, and elegance altogether to your summer outfits this year!

4. Flared jeans:

Flared jeans are broader at the bottom hence are the best alternatives for tall and curvy women out there. Its body-hugging beginning and its flared bottom best team up for your summer tunics and blouses and make you stand out and stand tall! Pair it with a great pair of high-heeled sandals and your summer will be perfectly dipped into fashion-inspired fun!

5. Boyfriend Jeans:

The last but definitely not the last, the boyfriend jeans. Even though, it looks beautiful on everyone its best pursuit would be the apple-shaped bodies and suit them like a missing puzzle piece. Solve the summer mystery, your perfect summer partner is here!

Here, is enlisted our favorite types of best jeans available in the market for you ladies, style them up with your chic t-shirts, blouses, and shirts this summer and let us know in the comment section how did you turn heads this summer with the least amount of effort!

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