There isn’t a more permissive season like the fall-winter one when it comes to shoes. You can literally wear anything from sneakers to stiletto shoes to booties, military boots, and all the way to over-the-knee boots. You can actually wear sandals too if you pair them with socks.

Of course, there are some mandatory footwear pieces that you need to have in your closet otherwise it will be difficult to complete your fall-winter season outfits. After you have these in your wardrobe, then you can go and buy statement shoes too!

1. The stiletto shoes in nude

Not black, not white, but nude stilettos are a must. These are the most basic shoes that a woman can have and that will go well with everything from your wardrobe. Plus, you can also wear them during the other three seasons. Try and buy a pair made out of high-quality leather and which have very high heels to elongate the legs!

2. The ankle black suede booties with high heels

Another must-have pair of shoes for fall-winter is the ankle black suede booties. It’s mandatory for them to have high heels! These booties will go well with skinny jeans, with midi and mini skirts or dresses, with literally everything from your closet. Plus, they look very stylish when worn with an all-black outfit.

3. The brown leather boots

Of course, let’s not forget about the classic brown leather boots which are ideal for all of your dresses and skirts, and why not for skinny jeans too. These boots are very hard to find and they sell instantly, so keep your eyes wide open, and when you find them grab the opportunity and buy them as fast as possible! You won’t regret making such an investment!

4. The military boots

For those rainy fall days and harsh winter ones when snow is covering everything you definitely need a pair of black leather military boots that will keep you warm and will look very well with black jeans and an oversized coat. Plus, it will keep you safe from rain and when is ice on the road you won’t have to worry that you might slip. And another great plus, you can wear them during the summer too as a part of your festival outfits! A pretty good investment!

5. The casual sneakers in white

Perfect for all year round the white sneakers are a must for every fashionista. They will save you from lots of trouble when you won’t know what to wear. Plus, they look great with jeans and a white T-shirt and a cool blazer.

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