Hair thinning or baldness can be brought on by several factors such as genetic, postpartum hormone changes, medical conditions, poor nutrition and more. All these can be upsetting for people who are affected. If you have thinning hair, here are some of the things that you should avoid doing.

Using Wet Look Products

Hair products such as mousse or hair gel should be avoided as this will make the hair look sparse and thin.  If you need something to hold your hair, just use a small amount of mousse on the damp hair and then blow-dry it. Hair spray should also be used with caution.  It is best to spray around 10 to 12 inches from the head to avoid wetting the hair.

Be Gentle With Your Hair 

People with thinning hair should avoid pulling their hair harshly with a comb or using a high heat setting on the hairdryer. Finer hair is often weaker and will snap easily. It is best to leave the hair to dry naturally if possible. Alternatively, you may reduce the temperature on the hairdryer or use a heat protection product.

Avoid Tying Your Hair Tightly

There are certain hairstyles that can cause tension on the strands and this may lead to hair breakage. Tying the hair tightly with hair bands and pulling it back firmly is not good for the hair.  Instead, you can wear your hair in a low bun or use a scrunchie to tie it loose. 

Avoid Sleeping On Rough Pillow

Do you know that the type of bedding you use can have an effect on your hair?  It is best to sleep on pillowcases that are made from silk as this will cause less friction and breakage.

Do Not Use Too Much Hair Treatments 

It can be tempting to use all kinds of products to solve the problem with your hair but too much chemical is not a good idea. Using too many hair treatments to thicken your hair can sometimes have the opposite effect.

Stop Playing With Your Hair 

Some people have the habit of fiddling with their hair like running the hair through many times a day. This habit has to stop because twiddling the hair through the fingers may cause tension in the hair. 

Keeping Your Hair Too Long

Our hair gets thinner at the ends so that longer the hair, the more obvious the thinning. Therefore if you experience thinning hair, it is important to get a hair cut regularly. Thinning hair tends to get out of shape easily and making it look more obvious. 

Over-Coloring Your Hair 

It is good to scale back on the hair coloring treatment as too much chemical is not good. Instead of going too dark with hair coloring, opt for lighter or multi-tonal shades to add dimension and illusion of thicker hair. 

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