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Things You Should Avoid If You Have Thinning Hair

Hair thinning or baldness can be brought on by several factors such as genetic, postpartum hormone changes, medical conditions, poor nutrition and more. All these can be upsetting for people who are affected. If you have thinning hair, here are some of the things that you should avoid doing. Using Wet Look Products Hair products …

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Fragrance Shower Gel Makes You Look Forward to Taking a Shower Every Day

Shower gels aren`t as basic or simple as your good old bar soap. Fragrant shower gels can definitely excite you in taking a shower or bath everyday just because of their enticing scents. Though more expensive, fragrance shower gels does not only cleanse the body. A lot of shower gels include more ingredients beneficial for …

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How to Keep Acne Muscles Not Dry and Moist in Early Autumn

Acne can be a huge problem especially with the changing seasons and weather. From summer to autumn, a hot weather to a cold one can make us breakout. Keeping warm is not the only concern we have during this season but also making sure that we keep our face free from breakouts and unnecessary skin …