Every fashionista knows what shapewear is. It is not just an undergarment that shapes your body, making it look defined. It is an irreplaceable piece of clothing that is able to make you feel so much better about yourself, instantly boosting up your confidence. Of course, shapewear will not solve all of your problems, but in a short distance, it can do you and your fashion looks well. If, for some reason, you are not familiar with the shapewear and its unique sculpting powers, here are some true facts about this iconic foundation garment. Which one of them you have known before, and which you learned for the first time?

How Does it Shape the Curves?

The best body shaper isn’t just holding the muffin tops and belly rolls in place. It can provide you the same results as BBL and tummy tuck but in a non-surgical, safe way. While flattening your tummy, and perking up your buttocks, high-quality shapewear slims your waist area, making your hips and breast look curvier. Of course, it also allows you to wear close-to-skin outfits.


Is the Review True?

One of the most popular inquiries about shapewear is if it is ready to do what it claims. Certainly, everything depends on your fashion desires, and on the shapewear brand, you picked. Some brands claim to reduce the volume up to 2-3 inches, while others only provide light support, and smoothing. Check out the Top Sale Sculptshe Reviews to find out more about the shapewear of your choice.

Can You Wear Shapewear to The Gym?

Why not? During active workout sessions, our bodies can use some extra support, which can be supplied by good shapewear. It is especially useful if you have a voluptuous figure or big breasts. Correctly chosen body shapers, sports bras, and tops can reduce the workout impact on your body, improving your posture and making your gym sessions more effective.


Can You Wear Shapewear Postpartum?

Despite all of the negativity surrounding women’s shapewear, medical professionals strongly suggest women use postpartum belly wraps and other types of shapewear. It helps with bloating, shrinks internal organs, and even helps with c-section healing. Just make sure to consult your doctor, and surgeon, before picking up your postpartum shapewear, as there could be some side effects as well. If the doctor says you can start wearing your postpartum shapewear, feel free to start shaping your curves.

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