There are various search engine optimization services that provide solutions to ranking problems and defects. Depending on your goals and needs, one or more of the following services may be appropriate for your site.

Website SEO Audit

SEO auditing can have varying degrees of detail and complexity. Simple site reviews can be as short as a few pages and can resolve obvious page issues such as missing titles and missing content. On the other hand, a comprehensive website SEO audit will contain dozens of pages (for most large sites, it will exceed one hundred pages) and address the ability of the site with the tiniest website elements that may be harmful to rankings.

At the most basic level, SEO reviews should address the basics covered in our basic SEO tutorial. Through a basic review, site owners should receive a well-thought-out guide that not only fixes site elements that are not suitable for search engines, but also provides guidance beyond problem solving, with significant improvements in content, link development, and overall organic Search strategy.

It’s important to realize that even if having a search engine friendly website is the first critical step in getting an improved ranking, there is no guarantee that the SEO audit recommendation implementation will raise the ranking of the website to the top of the search engine results page (pension plan). . Search engine optimization results take time and require diligent maintenance to produce a reliable, stable ranking.

On-Page SEO

On the page (sometimes called on-site) search engine optimization is the process of implementing the necessary changes in accordance with the recommendations of the SEO audit. These changes can be implemented by the site owner (if they have the ability) or by SEO companies. The SEO on the page should be part of all SEO packages because it is the basis for a successful SEO campaign. The SEO on the page addresses various basic elements (related to SEO) such as page title, title, content and content organization, and internal link structure. As described in the previous section, to find a basic list of areas that page optimization should cover, see the WiSEO SEO tutorial.

As with SEO auditing, there is a basic, comprehensive service for page search engine optimization. At the most basic level, the optimization activity on the page can be a one-time project that includes recommendations developed through auditing and their implementation. This type of page optimization will usually target the home page and some other important pages on the site. More comprehensive page search engine optimization activities will use the results of highly detailed website SEO reviews and monitor the results to guide ongoing changes to page optimization.

Even though in many cases there is no need to update page work (for example, when a site has evergreen content), it is recommended that the site and its published content be reviewed periodically to discover potential issues that may arise through site updates and changes.

SEO Content Development

SEO content development is the process of creating website content, which can take many forms, including text (eg articles, white papers, essays, research documents, tutorials and glossaries), infographics (information graphics), PDF, searchable databases , network tools, etc.

As you will notice, traditional content definitions (ie articles) no longer apply because content comes in many forms. It’s also important to realize that not all types of content are suitable for your site based on your niche.

“Search engine optimization content” is also misnomered (not previously); content that positively affects search engine friendliness should be more accurately described as “high quality content,” which in turn makes it easier to get and get links. .

When looking for content that will help your SEO work, finding quality content is critical; or rather, finding someone who can develop such content. Finding “search engine optimization content” can lead to content full of keywords, regardless of quality.

If you don’t take shortcuts, the SEO content writing service can be useful and the content won’t be magical. Well written, interesting and useful content will inevitably be discovered and focus on its own merits; however, it also helps lay the foundation for successful link development activities.

Link Development

Link development is one of the most controversial and frequently talked (written) content on the SEO industry theme. Since backlinks are the most important part of any SEO campaign, and are the most time consuming and therefore the most expensive (assuming they are high quality links and not just random directory submissions and blog comment spam), inevitably There are many service providers that offer inexpensive link building services to attract and impress potential customers. Such a solution includes a large number of directory submissions (for example, 200 directories per month), worthless blogs and forum comment spam (for example, 100 blog links per month), or article writing and submission leading to extremely low quality The content is equally low – there is no positive way to improve the ranking of quality articles. So if someone cites your $500 monthly SEO service, which includes a lot of directory submissions, blog posts, articles, blogs/forum comments, etc., all you have to do is abandon your funds. This is not to say that you can’t get a link job for $500 a month; however, it doesn’t apply to a lot of links.

Quality link development efforts focus on quality rather than quantity. After careful research and related, high quality links are many times more valuable than hundreds of free directory submissions.

Based on good quality (ie useful, interesting, interesting, educational) content, the basic principles of link building have been and will always be the case. Because if you don’t have good content on your site that people can link to, it’s hard to convince them to do so.

Code Optimization

Code optimization is a service you can get at the highest level of search engine optimization services, as it involves a thorough examination of the HTML of your website. HTML optimization can affect search engine rankings in two ways. First, it can help alleviate code clutter and present your content in a format that is easy to understand (for machines, ie search engine algorithms). Second, it can help reduce the load time of the website page, so the search engine spider does not have to wait while the page is loading (because it is too long, or too many images, etc.).

A comprehensive search engine optimization campaign will include all of the above elements, but it will also include other important services such as keyword research, ranking reports, traffic reports, and conversion tracking.

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