Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of helping your website improve its visibility and rank in search engines via the organic or “un-paid” search engine results pages known as SERPs.

SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search and industry-specific vertical search engines. Achieving good results in the search engine results pages (SERPS) helps your website gain a presence on the worldwide web, and helps potential customers find you.

Global SEO for Multilingual Websites

Search Engine Optimization for multilingual website or for specific locales (country + language + geography) goes beyond the process of translating keywords into a target language. The Arabic language is a good example of the challenges with optimizing content for just one language, culture and locale; check our blog on Arabic SEO and Localization. Several countries or regions may use the same language, but with words and phrases that have different meanings or usage based on specific locales. Your website content and keywords needs to be professionally localized and Search Engine Optimized for the specific language or region. Finally, your website should be optimized for the regional or local search Engine that is commonly used inside the market or by the language speakers.

Basic Multilingual and Global Website SEO considerations:

  • Select Local Domain name: some search engines only reference your top level domain to show results.
  • Links to the localized version: Local links from local domains in the target-language are very important. Link building is one of the most important factors for successful SEO, for both your English websites and for your translated websites.
  • Select Local Website Hosting Service: search engines look at the IP of the request and score locally (non-English) hosted domains higher than non-local domains.
  • Target local and language specific Search engines: Define which search engines are the most popular for your target online market and locales and have specific specialized Search Engine Optimizations for those search engines in order to obtain maximum results for all target language and local search engines.

Multilingual keyword research and keywords localization

For global search engines and internet users your website starts with a keyword. Selecting your website keywords is the real core of SEO process. Keyword research is one of the primary tasks that help your website content popularity in search engines versus your competition.  Simply translating keywords will NOT be effective in improving SERPs for multilingual websites on most global search engines. In addition, many times the resulting keywords derived from a straight translation will not even be the common words or phrases used by potential customers to find your products or services. Keywords and search terms are different from country to country and as well from one language to another.

GPI will conduct your multilingual keyword analysis, ranging from terminology accuracy equivalents to keyword density factor evaluation and competition analysis.

  • Client suggested keywords list as reference.
  • Keywords localization and customization.
  • Language competitors’ keywords list.
  • Keywords analysis using search engines tools.
  • Filter and rate by (business relevance, popularity, competition)
  • Testing keywords.
  • Finalizing keywords list by Prioritizes.

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